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    The YubiKey has helped organizations in every industry modernize strong authentication, providing a stronger security posture while making the user experience fast and easy and reducing IT costs.
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    The growth in cybercrime has caused organizations to strengthen their cybersecurity. Yubico helps organizations harden defenses that protect their business.

    Zero Trust Framework

    Accelerate your journey to a Zero Trust framework with purpose built, hardware authentication for modern MFA.

    The passwordless future is here

    Passwords are highly vulnerable and associated with loss of time and money. See how Yubico can help you enhance security with user ease by going passwordless.

    Executive Order / OMB M-22-09

    YubiKeys help Federal agencies deploy modernized security and meet Zero Trust and phishing-resistant MFA requirements in EO 14028 and OMB Memo M-22-09

    Phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication

    Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is better than passwords alone, but not all MFA is created equal. See how Yubico can equip you with the best and most secure approach: phishing-resistant MFA.

    Meet government compliance requirements

    The number of compliance mandates are growing across industries and geographies. Yubico can help you enhance the security and accountability in your organization.

    Cyber Insurance

    Growing incidents of cybersecurity breaches have led to a critical need for phishing-resistant MFA.

    Supply chain

    The YubiKey secures the software supply chain and 3rd party access with phishing-resistant MFA. The YubiHSM secures the hardware supply chain by ensuring product part integrity

    Solutions by use case

    Strong security frees organizations up to become more innovative. Yubico helps organizations stay secure and efficient across the full range of business scenarios.

    Hybrid and Remote Workers

    The need to provide your employees with secure and easy access to business systems and applications is critical as ever. Yubico can help you drive high productivity while protecting your employees from phishing attacks and account takeovers.

    Better manage privileged access

    Privileged access management is critical as such users are prime targets for cybercriminals. See how Yubico can help secure critical assets.

    Mobile restricted environments

    Many environments restrict mobile device use altogether making most MFA methods unusable. See how you can ensure strong security with ease, all without a cellular connection.

    Call centers

    Maximize user productivity and secure critical and sensitive customer data across call centers with the phishing-resistant YubiKey.

    Solutions by technology

    Yubico solutions are integrated with a broad ecosystem that delivers the gold standard of authentication security, with a fast and easy user experience.

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    Protect your Salesforce workspace

    Adopt phishing-resistant MFA to protect your account and comply with Salesforce MFA.

    Protects your most used apps, like Microsoft 365

    Cloud-based email is a top target for phishing attacks. Yubico can help you secure your M365 environments while reducing the burden on IT.

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    Protect your AWS environment

    Raise your security posture with the flexibility of YubiKeys with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Root users and IAM users.

    Protect your Identity Access Management (IAM) solution

    Combine IAM with Yubico’s range of YubiKey security keys to provide a strength-in-depth approach to authentication that is 100% phishing-resistant.

    HYPR Experience

    Combine the YubiKey with your HYPR deployment to eliminate credential reuse, stop phishing attacks and mitigate account takeovers while accelerating employee productivity.

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