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Purchase keys online to see how fast and easy it is to set up with the apps and services that you love. YubiKeys can secure hundreds of work and personal accounts, and your secrets are never shared between services.

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Connect with Yubico experts to discuss your goals, environment, use cases, and learn more about how YubiKeys can enhance security for your organization while providing a fast, simple user experience.

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Engage with Yubico subject matter experts who can support any technical integration of YubiKeys with your existing systems. Experience a frictionless implementation and take advantage of custom technical and business workshops to further enhance your security knowledge and expertise.

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Follow the self-paced YubiKey deployment to smoothly integrate YubiKeys in your workplace in just 4 simple steps. Throughout the deployment, you will be provided resources such as best practice tips, walk-through videos, and much more to help you, your users, and/or customers experience the full capabilities of the YubiKey.

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Optional delivery service available

Deliver YubiKeys globally to all of your users with YubiEnterprise Delivery, a new optional service. As workforces become more dispersed than ever before, with many employees now “working from home” indefinitely, this powerful solution offers a fast, simplified way to get multi-factor authentication to your remote workers no matter where they are located.

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Strongest security, fast and easy experience, low TCO

Experience the most secure, easy to use and cost efficient technology that puts an end to phishing and other forms of account takeovers, and reduces support incidents by 92%.

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