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    YubiEnterprise Delivery provides IT teams with powerful capabilities to manage the delivery of hardware security keys to users globally and accelerates the adoption of strong authentication.
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    Risk reduction, business growth, and efficiency enabled by YubiKeys

    A recent Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study commissioned by Yubico found that a composite organization representative of interviewed customers who use YubiKeys reduced risk of successful phishing and credential theft attacks by 99.9%, saw a drop in password-related helpdesk tickets by 75%, and experienced a 203% 3-year ROI with YubiKeys.

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    TEI Forrester report

    Hardware Security Keys Offer the Strongest Protection

    Hardware security keys, based on modern authentication standards, have been proven to stop account takeovers in their tracks and reduce support calls to the helpdesk by up to 92%. However, distributing keys to users dispersed globally has been a challenge.

    YubiEnterprise Delivery Simplifies YubiKey Distribution

    YubiEnterprise Delivery is a cloud-based service that streamlines the distribution of YubiKeys to end-users, serving both domestic and international locations including residential addresses. And, organizations can now empower users to secure important resources more quickly.

    YubiEnterprise Delivery ships YubiKeys to over 70 countries and counting across the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

    Read how Datadog utilized YubiEnterprise Delivery to ship YubiKeys to employees all across the globe >

    Conduct Comprehensive Inventory Management

    With YubiEnterprise Delivery, organizations can easily consolidate inventory management which includes centrally managing all YubiKey inventory until shipment, and even consolidating inventory across multiple purchase orders.

    Gain an instant view into your YubiKey deployment with the YubiEnterprise Console >

    YubiKeys as a Service enable faster and wider rollouts of modern MFA in 2023

    Watch this webinar to learn about how to procure YubiKeys as a Service with the new and expanded YubiEnterprise Subscription offering for greater business agility and predictability. 

    YubiEnterprise Delivery Overview

    Key Benefits

    Experience cost-effective, turnkey delivery with shipping and tracking of YubiKeys to users, all handled seamlessly by the experts at Yubico

    Access the capabilities of YubiEnterprise Delivery through an administrator console or organizations can integrate YubiEnterprise Delivery into their IT flows and service catalogs using public APIs

    Place individual shipment requests or conveniently upload shipments in bulk through a CSV file

    Check current inventory levels at a glance

    Get immediate details on shipment costs and applicable details depending on the shipping region

    Generate reports for all shipment requests over time for inter-department cross-charge

    Accelerate your MFA and YubiKey deployment with Yubico Professional Services

    Watch this webinar to learn more about deployment tips and best practices, the value of Yubico Professional Services, and new offerings available.

    YubiEnterprise delivery dashboard

    Getting started with YubiEnterprise Delivery

    It’s easy to get started with the Delivery service. Once a purchase order is processed, an organization (org) is created in the YubiEnterprise console and the purchase order inventory is enabled for shipments. The customer is then directed to the YubiEnterprise Services console to register and request shipments to any number of destinations.

    Easily delegate administrators to place orders for various locations

    Any individual who has administrative rights to the YubiEnterprise console can place orders for keys through the console. And admins can be delegated across locations so that they can best gauge the number of users who will need YubiKeys and request shipments all at once, or tiered over time as needed.

    Enter and track shipments easily with a Cloud-based Administrative Console

    Users can sign into the YubiEnterprise Console and go to Shipment Requests. Each shipment request can be individually tracked. You can also download a list of all shipment requests and associated details.

    YubiEnterprise Delivery enables customers to request shipments for up to a year after the initial purchase order and will hold the customer’s inventory, which includes both regular or custom keys. After the twelve month period is over, YubiEnterprise Delivery will ship the remainder of the keys to the original customer address on file. The customer will also be notified 60 and 30 days prior to the period expiry via email on their upcoming expiry.

    Get world class authentication security
    for less than a cup of coffee per user/month

    YubiEnterprise Delivery ships YubiKeys globally to meet varying enterprise needs

    Customers outside North America please contact your local Yubico rep for details. 

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