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YubiKey makes secure login easy for your
Facebook, Gmail, and other accounts
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Keep your accounts safe

The YubiKey is an innovative USB and NFC security key. It offers an easy and secure way to log in when static passwords are being hacked at scale, and SMS and other authentication technologies cannot offer enough protection against phishing and more sophisticated attacks.

YubiKey secures access to online services, computers, and networks for 9 of the top 10 internet companies, and is loved by millions in 160 countries.

The coolest authentication hardware device ever. — SecurityNow!

So easy

For secure login using a YubiKey, you simply touch it, or tap it against an NFC-enabled Android phone.

Manufactured in the USA and Sweden, with best practice security processes. YubiKeys are crush-safe, water-resistant, and fit nicely on a keychain with your home or car keys.

Find out more about How It Works.

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Our users love the YubiKey. — Facebook

One key to many services

With the mission to make secure login easy and available for everyone, Yubico and Google co-created FIDO U2F — the modern high security standard for web authentication. U2F-enabled security keys, such as YubiKeys, work instantly with leading online services including Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox, and many more.

For safeguarding access to your other online accounts and passwords, YubiKeys are also supported by leading password managers, including Lastpass and Dashlane.

Read more about Yubico and FIDO U2F.

The YubiKey is the authentication key for the rest of us. 5 of 5 stars. — SC Magazine

Get started today

FIDO U2F Security Key by Yubico is our basic entry-level security key that works with Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox, and all services supporting U2F security keys.

Other YubiKeys also include One-Time Password and Smart Card functionality, for computer login, NFC mobile communication, encryption, and hundreds of applications for businesses and developers.

Visit our Getting Started section for more.

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FIDO U2F Security Key | $18

One-touch login for Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox, and all U2F supported services.

FIDO U2F authenticator
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YubiKey 4 | $40

One-touch login for Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox, all U2F supported services, and others.

FIDO U2F & smart card authenticator
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YubiKey NEO | $50

One-touch login for Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox, all U2F supported services, and others.

FIDO U2F & smart card authenticator with NFC
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