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Modern security to bolster existing security approaches
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Reliable, phishing-proof layer of protection

The telecommunication industry is increasingly becoming a target for cyberattacks due to the critical services it provides. Strong multi-factor authentication (MFA) is needed to secure access to critical systems and data, however not all MFA is created equal.

The YubiKey provides a phishing-proof layer of protection to safeguard people, technology, and data while ensuring the best security and user experience. With a wide range of business scenarios covered, the YubiKey drives 100% MFA coverage and protects against phishing and account takeover related cyber threats.

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Secure access to critical systems and data for your broad user base

Stolen credentials are the leading cause of account takeovers and data breaches, and this industry in particular, has a high rate of password reuse across multiple accounts. Which is why strengthening security for all your user accounts, user access to critical systems, applications, and both employee and customer Personal Identifiable Information (PII) without interrupting productivity is crucial to staying protected from modern cyber threats.

YubiKeys ensure that only authorized people have access to PII data and critical systems. They integrate seamlessly with existing IAM solutions such as Microsoft, Okta, Duo, and Ping, and provide secure authentication for hundreds of applications and services, eliminating any rip or replace of existing solutions. Users get protected in minutes right out-of-the-box.

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Always-available phishing-resistant solution for shared workstations and mobile-restricted environments

Employees whether in third-party organizations, franchisees or retail stores often share computers, kiosks, and point-of-sale (POS) systems, and YubiKeys ensure that only people who are authorized to access a specific system, application or even function will be able to. They can be uniquely associated, are extremely portable, highly durable and don’t require a battery or internet connection.

Where people can’t, won’t, or don’t use mobile phones, YubiKeys provide you with always-available phishing-resistant authentication ensuring 100% MFA coverage. Even technicians servicing remote locations will always have a form of secure MFA readily available.

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Deliver exceptional customer experience

Your employees directly reflect your brand as they engage with customers. With the YubiKey your employees provide more efficient and quality customer service by not having to look down at their phone to authenticate. Their undivided attention is on the customer.

To authenticate users simply tap or insert then touch the YubiKey and because the YubiKey arrives in a variety of form factors authenticating to the full range of modern devices is simple, regardless of manufacturer or operating system.

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Drive compliance to industry regulations and authentication standards

Due to the growing impact and sophistication of cyberattacks, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposed new rules for the telecom industry to accommodate the evolving nature of breaches including when key organizations and customers need to be notified of a breach. Phishing-resistant MFA is the need of the hour to protect against modern cyber threats.

The YubiKey meets and surpasses the Zero Trust and phishing-resistant MFA recommendations outlined in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Memo M-22-09 which provided actionable strategies in response to the Executive Order 14028 to strengthen cybersecurity across critical infrastructures. Bolster your cybersecurity posture with the YubiKey.

YubiKeys provide the gold standard for phishing-resistant MFA

YubiKey 5 Series and YubiKey Bios

YubiKeys meet you where you are today on your MFA journey by acting as a bridge to a passwordless future, allowing you to leverage existing OTP authentication as you progress all the way to modern phishing-resistant authentication using either FIDO2 or smartcard – all on one key. Embrace the YubiKey with confidence knowing that you have a solution to prevent account takeovers.

Risk reduction, business growth, and efficiency enabled by YubiKeys

Read the Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Yubico and see how a composite  organization reduced risk by 99.9%, saw a drop in password-related helpdesk tickets by 75%, and experienced a 203% 3-year ROI with YubiKeys.

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YubiEnterprise Subscription: peace of mind and flexibility for less than a cup of coffee per user/month

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