Our Customers

Yubico products secure access to computers, networks and online services for thousands of businesses and millions of users in 160 countries. We are trusted by 9 of the top 10 internet companies, 2 of the top 3 financial, retail, healthcare and research institutions globally.

Atlassian unifies user authentication to improve employee productivity with YubiKeys

Atlassian uses YubiKeys to increase productivity, supporting a wide variety of MFA needs.

CERN deploys YubiKeys to protect admin accounts and server access

CERN protects critical assets, easily integrating systems to provide protection with just a touch.

City of Mission Viejo uses YubiKeys to provide a frictionless experience for employees

YubiKeys help the city of Mission Viejo meet high security standards and are a more cost effective solution compared to other MFA options

City of Sacramento uses YubiKeys to secure remote workers

The City of Sacramento chose YubiKeys for MFA in conjunction with PortalGuard to secure remote workers

Cloud-based hosting provider secures virtual machine keys with YubiHSM 2

Cloud-based hosting provider secures virtual machine keys with YubiHSM 2

Code Enigma deploys fast, secure, and easy authentication with YubiKey

Code Enigma rolls out an easy and convenient authentication solution for customers and developers.

Datadog leads in authentication best practices, deploys YubiKeys to all employees enterprise-wide

Datadog gives every one of its employees a YubiKey to strengthen their position against phishing

Department of Defense contractor case study

Stringent DoD security requirements make the YubiKey the authentication hardware of choice.

Duke University protects critical IT systems with the YubiKey

Duke protects users from phishing, keyloggers, and weak passwords with the touch of a button.

Facebook making security effortless for employees

Facebook makes security effortless for employees, balancing usability and security