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    One YubiKey donated for every 20 sold on Yubico.com
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    “In order to further Yubico’s mission of making the internet a safer place, we’re committed to making digital security more accessible by donating 1 YubiKey for every 20 sold through our e-commerce site to our Secure it Forward program.”
    Yubico Team

    Our mission to protect those in need

    At Yubico, we believe that vulnerable populations shouldn’t have to worry about their digital security. Whether you’re an organization or nonprofit focused on protecting human rights and freedom of speech, upholding election integrity, or furthering diversity in tech, we’re passionate about ensuring that security isn’t an obstacle standing in the way of the important work that you do. 

    For more than a decade, Yubico has helped millions of people and thousands of businesses put an end to account takeovers, and we believe that it is our social responsibility to put our products in the hands of people that need it most. 

    Below, you’ll find details of our Secure it Forward program, including a link to apply to receive YubiKeys to secure your organization.

    Secure it Forward by Yubico

    Our Secure it Forward program was established to provide security keys to help those most at-risk improve their authentication posture. For every 20 keys sold on the Yubico e-commerce store, we donate 1 key to journalists, humanitarian workers, nonprofits or organizations in need. We are proud to support:

    • Journalists and humanitarian workers
    • Non-profit organizations that protect journalists, freelancers, and writers from doxing and other targeted attacks in an effort to uphold transparent, fair, and ethical reporting.
    • Human rights organizations and activist groups focused on ending racism, sexism, LGBTQ+ violence, domestic abuse, and other social justice issues around the world.
    • Bi-partisan networks that fight to preserve democratic integrity by securing political campaigns, political candidates, and election processes.
    • Organizations working to further diversity in tech and security, including STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs, hackathons, and diversity-driven events.

    YubiKey protection for at-risk individuals

    Advanced protection

    The strongest protection against advanced phishing and MiTM attacks to effectively defend against cybercriminals.

    Trusted solution

    The YubiKey is trusted by millions of users around the globe to secure logins to accounts and protect sensitive information.

    Stop account takeovers

    Using the YubiKey means you, and only you, can log into your accounts. It blocks fraudulent account action before it happens.

    Security on any device

    The YubiKey comes in many form factors to meet your compatibility needs, regardless of your device.

    Seamless integrations

    Works with Google’s Advanced Protection Program, Dropbox, LastPass, Twitter, and hundreds of other services.

    Secure supply chain

    Yubico manufactures YubiKeys in the U.S. and Sweden to ensure a safe and trusted security solution.

    Some of the Voices we support with security

    “Eliminating fear among journalists who might be worried about facing online retaliation and who don’t necessarily have the resources to think about their digital security — especially under duress — is really important. A physical token like the YubiKey takes away a lot of the guesswork and really just gets the job done in terms of being secure online.”
    Harlo HolmesDirector of Newsroom Digital Security, Freedom of the Press Foundation
    “YubiKeys represent a foundational and critical building block of any cybersecurity effort. Protecting credentials is step one for every campaign in the country and Yubico addresses that issue directly and comprehensively. DDC is thrilled to have Yubico as one of it’s partners.”
    Michael KaiserPresident and CEO of DDC
    “YubiKeys are our preferred hardware security keys for high-risk and high-profile Microsoft AccountGuard customers, due to the product’s advanced levels of security, usability, and unique multi-protocol support that allows it to work across an entire enterprise.”
    Ashish JaimanDirector of Technology Operations, Microsoft

    Organizations we support

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    Our team hand reviews each application on a rolling basis and our response times may vary. We’ll follow up with you via the email provided in your form if your organization is eligible to receive a donation.

    We cannot currently ship to China, Afghanistan, Russia, Ukraine, North Korea, Iran, Sudan, Cuba, or Syria. International donations may be subject to customs fees and duties, including those related to import and export. For additional shipping information, please click here.