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    The true cost of passwords

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    That’s why enterprises are moving to secure, simple and scalable passwordless authentication

    66% of enterprises are piloting, have deployed or are planning to deploy passwordless authentication within the next year4. Gartner predicts 50% of the workforce will be passwordless by 20255.

    Passwordless authentication offers improved security, a better user experience and lower long-term costs. Users aren’t required to create or enter a password at any time. Say goodbye to passwords, SMS codes and OTP apps.

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    Create phishing-resistant users and accelerate your enterprise to passwordless

    Watch this webinar to learn how phishing-resistant users create phishing-resistant enterprises that can accelerate to enhanced security and operational efficiency, all within a modern passwordless environment.

    YubiKeys make passwordless possible

    Passwordless can be achieved using legacy Smart Card protocols, or modern FIDO2 / Passkey authentication secured by PIN or biometric identification.

    The multi-protocol YubiKey offers total flexibility, and can store up to 100 passkey credentials. 

    Learn more about passkeys on our passkey hub
    YubiKey security protocols

    Choose the passwordless login flow that suits your needs

    Unlike passwords, which are shared across networks and highly vulnerable to phishing, PINs are locally stored and only used to unlock a specific device.

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    “The biggest benefit that Hyatt is going to receive from deploying YubiKeys is to be able to get rid of passwords in our environment.”
    Art ChernobrovHyatt Hotel Corporation Director – Identiity, Access, and Endpoints

    Curious about the YubiKey?

    Implementing passwordless at scale just got easier. Introducing FIDO Pre-reg by Yubico

    Moving an entire enterprise to passwordless is always worthwhile, but can place a burden on IT teams, who may have to manually register and then deliver authenticators to a distributed workforce. End users can be frustrated by complicated self-service registration processes.

    To maximize adoption and make life easier for IT teams and end users, organizations should be able to enable new and existing users to go passwordless in just minutes. Strong registration and account recovery process limit attack vectors for social engineering.

    FIDO Pre-Registration

    A first in the industry, our turnkey activation service eliminates manual activation. YubiKeys are delivered to end users and activated in a simple two-step online process. 

    • Saves time and cost for IT department
    • Accelerates security and productivity for end users
    • Strengthens registration and account recovery processes

    Knowing the right YubiKeys are in the right hands helps ensure you create an enterprise of phishing-resistant users.

    FIDO Pre-reg is available exclusively with YubiEnterprise Subscription, and currently limited to Okta customers.

    YubiEnterprise Subscription simplifies purchase and support while also offering financial benefits.

    How much can your enterprise save?

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