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    Highest assurance passwordless authentication
    made easy 

    FIDO Pre-reg helps organizations go passwordless at speed and scale with a turnkey FIDO activation for YubiKeys, which offer modern phishing-resistant MFA that stop account takeovers in their tracks. Raise the bar for security quickly and prevent damaging ransomware attacks and other threat vectors from taking hold in the organization. Enable secure login to online accounts and access to sensitive corporate systems and data with the most secure form of passkey authentication, all while reducing the burden on IT departments and their users.

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    Reduce IT burden

    IT departments no longer need to register YubiKeys on behalf of their users or require users to self-enroll. Save on time and costs by eliminating the need to manually register security keys for each employee, one by one.

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    Simple and fast for users

    Users can receive YubiKeys that are pre-registered with the organization’s Identity Provider (IdP).  No longer a need to self-enroll, leaving users free to enjoy secure, passwordless access to their online accounts in minutes.

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    Accelerate business securely

    FIDO Pre-reg is available through the YubiEnterprise Subscription program which delivers greater business flexibility and agility with a YubiKeys as a Service model, which lowers the cost to entry, and dramatically raises the bar for security..

    Easy for your admin team

    No need for manual registration. Save on time, labor and costs

    Only the highlighted steps are actions that need to be taken *

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    Your admin is preparing a new employee for their first day by adding them to Okta…

    okta registration diagram

    …where they are also added to a YubiKey MFA group…

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    …which initiates Okta Workflows behind the scenes.

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    Integration with your HR system provides shipping info for your employee to Okta Workflows.

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    The key is sent from Yubico Enterprise fulfillment pre-enrolled with the employee’s Okta credentials.

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    Later, the employee is provided their PIN separate from the shipped YubiKey in order to prevent interception.

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    * Your employee enters their key and PIN, then taps the YubiKey, and is authenticated via secure FIDO2 credentials.

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    …and on Day 1 they can quickly and securely access everything they need to get started!

    Easy for your users

    Easy 2-step activation. Secure passwordless access in minutes!

    Only the highlighted steps are actions that need to be taken *

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    I’m starting my new job today!

    login screen

    I receive a PIN from my company.


    I get my new equipment shipped to my home, including a pre-registered YubiKey.


    I log into my new laptop.


    I go to my org’s Okta login page.

    YubiKey tap

    I insert my Yubikey.

    typing on laptop

    * I type in the PIN that I was provided and tap the YubiKey.

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    I successfully authenticate with Okta and can start Day 1.

    FIDO Pre-reg is currently in Limited Early Access for Okta customers in the US only.

    FIDO Pre-reg delivers a secure and seamless phishing-resistant MFA and passwordless experience on day one. With a turnkey YubiKey FIDO activation experience, organizations and their users can raise the bar for security and stop account takeovers and ransomware threats in their tracks.

    We are no longer accepting new customers into the LEA program. To be qualified for the Early Access (EA) program, please reach out to your Yubico contact. Stay in the know and get early updates on when the service is more broadly available for your organization by signing up here. We look forward to connecting with you when we have more to share!

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