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    Authenticate easily, anytime, anywhere

    Yubico and HYPR provide a seamless passwordless authentication experience that meets your security needs with software and  hardware bound passkeys. Together, our customers can adopt the strongest phishing-resistant multi-factor passwordless authentication and experience a smooth user experience.

    Introducing the NEW YubiKey Bio Series – Multi-protocol edition for your HYPR environment

    yk bio fingerprint laptops

    With the increasing adoption of biometric logins, hardware security keys that leverage biometrics, like the YubiKey Bio Series, provide portable, seamless functionality while facilitating passwordless login through biometrics.

    This is why we’re excited to announce the expansion of the YubiKey Bio Series to add two new multi-protocol keys that support biometric authentication with support for FIDO and Smart Card/PIV protocols: YubiKey C Bio – Multi-protocol Edition (USB-C) and YubiKey Bio – Multi-protocol Edition (USB-A). 

    The YubiKey Bio Series – Multi-protocol edition is currently available through an Early Access period with our featured partner, HYPR and available exclusively via YubiEnterprise Subscription.

    On all devices, on all applications, on all platforms

    YubiKey Bio Series

    Multi-protocol Edition featuring HYPR

    Coming soon

    Stop account takeovers and enjoy secure passwordless login with YubiKey Bio Series, where the strongest hardware authentication meets a frictionless user experience.

    YubiKey Bio Series provides the most secure, simple, and scalable authentication for both legacy on-premises and modern cloud environments with support for modern FIDO and Smart Card/PIV protocols.

    • FIDO U2F
    • FIDO2/WebAuthn
    • Smart Card/PIV
    • Available in USB-C and USB-A
    • Available exclusively via YubiEnterprise Subscription
    • Initially suited for HYPR customers only

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    “The YubiKey Bio Series – Multi-protocol Edition is another step towards fully phishing-resistant, passwordless adoption in the enterprise and HYPR is thrilled to be the initial launch partner with Yubico,” said Sean Dyon, VP of Strategic Alliances at HYPR.

    “Our ongoing collaboration with Yubico helps organizations accelerate their passwordless journey. This new solution weaves the very best components of our joint technologies, and we cannot be more excited to share new functionalities, added flexibility and the highest level of authentication security, for our joint customers.”

    Sean DyonVP of Strategic Alliances, HYPR

    Eliminate your security risk

    Your choice

    Authenticate anywhere, in any environment, with a choice of hardware or software that is FIDO certified.

    Complete coverage

    Our joint solution extends across multiple technologies such as Identity Access Managers and Single Sign On (SSO) providers for a comprehensive passkey solution that is not bound to a specific product suite or platform.

    Compliance and regulatory alignment

    Implementing a mix of virtual and physical tokens can help organizations meet compliance and regulatory requirements. Offering a range of authentication options ensures alignment with relevant regulations and security best practices.

    Administrative ease

    Our joint solution means that enterprises can provision and manage YubiKeys and HYPR virtual tokens from the same console. This simplifies provisioning and provides a single common point of management and authentication.


    Technology is constantly evolving. Adopting a mix of virtual and physical tokens better prepares organizations to adapt and incorporate future authentication technologies, ensuring ongoing security and usability enhancements.

    HYPR and Yubico provide a seamless passwordless authentication experience that meets your security needs while increasing employee satisfaction by supporting software and/or hardware bound passkeys.

    With HYPR, businesses are finally able to solve the desktop multi-factor authentication (MFA) gap, eliminate customer passwords, and deliver lightning-fast login experiences their users love. Combine the YubiKey with your HYPR deployment to eliminate credential reuse, stop phishing attacks and mitigate account takeovers while accelerating employee productivity

    A whopping 73% of surveyed business professionals report that authentication impacts their work satisfaction and performance.1

    Simplify and unify. The benefits are within your reach.

    Your business and employees are constantly evolving, from new hires and employee turnover, to remote and hybrid work environments, and support for new infrastructure needs. And with users working across desktop, mobile, shared workstations, and using the latest devices, you need maximum flexibility when selecting modern phishing-resistant MFA and choosing the YubiKey form factors your users need based on the devices they love.

    Reduce risk
    • Stops phishing with FIDO and smart card based MFA with a de-siloed and uncoupled solution that spans across all users, geos and use cases
    • FIDO (passkey) and FIPS certified authentication that aligns with regulatory requirements and security frameworks
    Improve user experience
    • Reduces the number of login streams a user must navigate
    • Reduce end user confusion by unifying and centralizing authentication processes
    • Reduce end user friction by merging Passkey (FIDO Credentials) and smart card provisioning and login processes
    • Removes the human error element to reduce security fatigue and failures
    Improve admin experience
    • Enforce dynamic authentication policies, based on user choice
    • Simplifies provisioning workflows, supporting more secure onboarding and off boarding
    Reduce costs
    • One stop solution for provisioning, management and auditing
    • Reduces costly calls to IT for password recovery

    The choice is yours

    The HYPR Cloud Platform makes it easy to go passwordless across enterprises and agencies. Combine the security of hardware authentication with convenience and ease of cloud based SSO/IAM platforms to leverage modern authentication to secure workstation and web-based logins. The YubiKey provides form factor choices to fit your needs. Utilize the YubiKey 5 Series, YubiKey FIPS Series, Yubico Security Key Series and YubiKey Bio Series all are compatible with True Passwordless MFA by HYPR.

    YubiKey 5 family

    Multi-protocol security key, eliminate account takeovers with strong two-factor, multi-factor and passwordless authentication, and seamless touch-to-sign. Multi-protocol support allows for strong security for legacy and modern environments. And a full range of form factors allows users to secure online accounts on all of the devices that they love, across desktops and mobile.

    • Multi-protocol support; FIDO2, U2F, Smart card, OTP, OpenPGP 3
    • USB-A, USB-C, NFC, Lightning
    • IP68 rated, crush resistant, no batteries required, no moving parts

    New! USB-C and NFC all-in-one security key >

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    For businesses with 500 users or more

    For SMBs or for individuals

    Partnering with best-in-class organizations building and innovating together

    Hundreds of partners, one shared goal. Yubico and our global partner ecosystem are uniquely positioned to protect every organization, customer and end-user by providing strong multi-factor authentication solutions.

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