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    Secure Windows with strong authentication

    Windows offers multiple login options. Read below to see which one applies to you.

    Local accounts

    If your user account is local and not managed by Entra ID, you can add a layer of protection beyond passwords with the YubiKey.

    Before installing the Yubico Login for Windows software, please make a note of your Windows username and password. If you do not have your UN/PW, you will not be able to log in once Yubico Login for Windows has been installed. Secure local accounts now:

    Note: Yubico Login for Windows secures Windows 10 and 11 if not managed by Entra ID. Yubico Login for Windows is only compatible with machines built on the x86 architecture. It is not compatible with Windows on Arm (ARM32, ARM64) based machines.

    *customer will require a YubiKey from the 5 Series for it to function with Yubico Login for Windows.

    Entra ID – Going passwordless

    If your user account is managed by Entra ID, you can secure your computer with passwordless login with a YubiKey without needing to install any software.

    Entra ID – Smart Card functionality

    If your laptop/desktop (Windows 11 or later) or your Windows Server (2022 and later) is joined to Entra ID, you can use a YubiKey for login using the Smart Card functionality.

    Microsoft accounts

    Your Microsoft Account can be configured to use strong authentication using the YubiKey to websites that support Microsoft Account sign-in.

    Secure Macs with strong authentication

    The YubiKey offers smart card authentication for Macs. Read below to learn more.

    Secure Mac login

    If you need to secure your Mac you can use a YubiKey for login using the Smart Card functionality.