YubiKey + Microsoft. Your defense against account takeovers.

For cloud based hybrid and on-premise

YubiKeys are the #1 security key used for Azure AD authentication

2020 Microsoft Security Award for Identity Trailblazer
2020 Microsoft Security Award for Industry Changemaker

Winner of the 2020 Microsoft Security Award for Industry Changemaker and Identity Trailblazer!

Yubico and Microsoft put an end to account takeovers for business and individuals.

YubiKey – the world’s #1 hardware-based security key – is the most secure, easy-to-use, and affordable multi-factor authentication.

The world’s largest governments, technology companies, and financial institutions trust Yubico to secure their most important information, accounts, and applications.

Microsoft’s IT team switched to passwordless authentication and now 90 percent of Microsoft employees sign in without entering a password. As a result, hard and soft costs of supporting passowords fell by 87 percent.”
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Joy ChikCorporate Vice President, Microsoft Identity

Multiple options for securing Microsoft 365 apps with YubiKeys

Smart Card with Active Directory

YubiKey provides baseline functionality to authenticate as a PIV-compliant smart card.

Integrated with leading IAM solutions

The YubiKey integrates with Microsoft 365 accounts federated via identity and Access Management solutions such as Okta, Ping Identity, RSA, and Duo.

Use with Azure MFA and Active Directory

Multi-protocol YubiKeys enable logins using OTP via Azure MFA as well as using Smart Card infrastructure to Active Directory accounts.

Native passwordless support with Azure Active Directory

The YubiKey can authenticate directly with Azure Active Directory accounts using passwordless logins.

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Yubico donates 25,000 YubiKeys to Microsoft AccountGuard customers in 31 countries

Today, Yubico is proud to announce that we are expanding our partnership with Microsoft AccountGuard to deliver YubiKeys, free of cost, to high-profile and high-risk organizations. Last year, Yubico and Microsoft joined forces to equip political campaigns and parties with robust identity and access management (IAM) and phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions ahead of the 2020 U.S. elections. Now, we’re extending these same protections to international election campaigns, human rights defenders, healthcare workers, journalists, and other high-risk organizations in 31 countries.

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Go Passwordless with YubiKey and Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Today, Yubico celebrates an important milestone in the evolution of modern authentication. We are excited to report that YubiKey passwordless authentication is now generally available to Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) users, a critical step toward achieving better security without compromising usability. Nearly three years ago, Yubico started on this journey with Microsoft and

Microsoft 365 for Public Sector

MFA using the YubiKey offers the highest security and best user experience to protect Microsoft 365.

Build your Passwordless offering with Microsoft Azure AD and YubiKeys – Limited Time Offer

COVID-19 has disrupted the business norm and forced most organizations, including many Yubico partners, to adjust their security strategies. Our partners have had to recommend and implement the right technologies that will enable their customers, who are now managing expanded remote workforces, to achieve secure access to critical applications – all while maintaining business continuity.