Solutions to secure your organization

The YubiKey has helped organizations in every industry modernize strong authentication, providing a stronger security posture while making the user experience fast and easy and reducing IT costs.

YubiKey solves today’s security problems

Organizations look to enhance security while delivering user ease. Yubico delivers innovative solutions that achieve these goals.

The passwordless future is here

Passwords are highly vulnerable and associated with loss of time and money. See how Yubico can help you enhance security with user ease by going passwordless.

Protects your most used apps, like Microsoft 365

Cloud-based email is a top target for phishing attacks. Yubico can help you secure your M365 environments while reducing the burden on IT.

Modern, multi-factor authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is better than passwords alone, but not all MFA is created equal. See how Yubico can equip you with the best and most secure approach.

Stops account takeovers

Fraudsters and hackers are getting smarter and more sophisticated in their account takeover methods. Eliminate account takeovers with a proven approach.

Zero Trust Framework

Accelerate your journey to a Zero Trust framework with purpose built, hardware authentication for modern MFA.

Better manage privileged access

Privileged access management is critical as such users are prime targets for cybercriminals. And this group is much larger than you think. See how Yubico can help secure critical assets.

Meet government compliance requirements

The number of compliance mandates are growing across industries and geographies. Yubico can help you enhance the security and accountability in your organization.

Mobile restricted environments

Many environments restrict mobile device use altogether making most MFA methods unusable. See how you can ensure strong security with ease, all without a cellular connection.

Authentication for call centers

In a fast paced environment, every minute counts. And, mobile phones can bring productivity and security risks. Yubico can help you enhance security while maximizing productivity.

Remote Workers

The need to provide remote workers with secure and easy access to business systems and applications is critical as ever. Yubico can help you drive high productivity while protecting remote workers against phishing attacks and account takeovers.

Password Managers

Password managers require strong multi-factor authentication to protect against hackers. See why Yubico offers the most secure way to manage your employee’s multiple digital credentials.

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Identity Access Management

Combine IAM with YubiKey security keys to provide a strong approach to authentication that is 100% phishing-resistant, trustworthy, and cost-effective.

Solutions by industry

Organizations across every industry are going through a digital transformation. Yubico helps organizations stay ahead of the curve.


High Tech companies are the single most targeted industry for cyberattacks. Bad actors are relentlessly trying to acquire technological IP – patents, code, trade secrets, and strategic plans. Yubico can help tech organizations stay agile without sacrificing strong security.

Financial Services

The digital transformation underway in financial services is placing heightened demands on organizations delivering new offerings to customers, in a secure and convenient way. Yubico can help enhance security while supporting initiatives for greater profitability.


Cryptocurrency exchanges are the new frontier, involving high-value and high-volume transactions. Yubico can help crypto organizations conduct business at a fast pace while making it safe and easy, securing logins, trades, and transfers at the exchange level.


Retail organizations are focused on delivering better products and experiences to customers through traditional and online channels. Yubico ensures peace of mind that important customer and financial data is secure and brand reputation stays protected.

High Risk

The health of our society is protected by the brave who speak up against injustice, often at great risk to their own safety. Yubico helps journalists, business leaders and political campaign teams stay protected by providing strong phishing and account takeover defense and protecting privacy.


Academic institutions need to secure proprietary research, student and staff data and much more. Yubico can effectively protect sensitive data, large populations of users and ultimately secure the reputation and trust in the educational institution.


Healthcare institutions are challenged with providing high quality patient care and health services, while mitigating cybersecurity risks related to ransomware attacks and healthcare data breaches. Yubico can help you secure patient data privacy while ensuring compliance and strong security ROI.

Federal Government

Defense and civilian agencies require highest-assurance authentication. Yubico offers DOD approved, FIPS 140-2 validated multi-factor authentication for non PIV/CAC eligible workers, mobile and BYOAD/BYOD, air-gapped/closed networks, privileged users, remote workers and more.

State and Local Government

State and local governments are constantly under attack. Yubico offers DOD approved, FIPS 140-2 validated multi-factor authentication that is more secure, cost-effective, and convenient than mobile-based authentication to secure first responders, privileged users, BYOAD/BYOD, workstation logons, elections and more.

Elections and Political Campaigns

Government elections and political campaigns deal with highly confidential and sensitive information. Yubico helps secure access to election infrastructures including voter registration databases, election management and reporting systems, and e-pollbooks; as well as high-risk campaign individuals and data.

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