YubiKey for Technology

The world’s most progressive companies demand the world’s most effective security.

Highly secure, progressive authentication
for progressive companies

High tech companies experience the highest number of cyber attacks. Bad actors are relentlessly trying to acquire technological IP – patents, code, trade secrets, and strategic plans. With the YubiKey, technology companies can avail of high security ROI while stopping account takeovers and keeping critical technology IP and trade secrets secure.

Make existing security solutions stronger

Legacy authentication methods such as SMS-based, knowledge based authentication (KBA), email, voice confirmation, etc. are not secure. Additionally, employee-owned mobile devices for 2FA create security risk and usability issues especially when a mobile device is lost or damaged.

YubiKeys feature modern protocols like FIDO2 and WebAuthn, as well as OTP, SmartCard (PIV), OpenPGP, and earlier FIDO versions. A single key scales to hundreds of applications and services, concurrently supporting current applications and authentication methods, and advanced and emerging protocols.

Protect your Intellectual Property

Code, patents, blueprints, schematics and sensitive financial data are at the heart of successful technology companies. Not securing this information properly against phishing and account takeovers can have big legal and financial repercussions.

Using strong public key cryptography, YubiKey strengthens security for 2FA and MFA for applications and services such as GitHub and SSH. YubiKey also offers secure access to laptops and desktops, protecting on-device applications and information. Multiple login options include authentication for Macs, local Windows, Azure Active Directory, Active Directory and Microsoft Accounts.

Offer the best user experience

SMS, one time passwords and mobile push authenticators interrupt user workflows and reduce productivity. Having to type in one time codes or go through extra steps can get frustrating, especially for recurring logins.

Yubikeys offer an easy and frictionless user experience. To authenticate, users simply tap or touch their security key. YubiKeys don’t require batteries, have no breakable screens, don’t need a cellular connection, and are water-resistant and crush-proof.

Drive high security ROI

Many applications that support OTP and other legacy methods don’t yet support modern protocols like FIDO2 and WebAuthn. A rip and replace of legacy methods overnight is not pragmatic and can be costly. At the same time, having users carry multiple authentication devices is not desirable either.

YubiKeys drive the best security ROI with unparalleled versatility, frictionless user experience and multi-protocol support. Organizations have seen a 92% reduction in help desk costs, strong rise in user adoption, and a sharp decline in account takeovers.

Case in point:

Google stops attacks
on employee accounts


Google, the world’s largest Internet company is under constant attack from nation-states, hacktivists, fraudsters, and all manner of bad actors seeking to do harm. The company believed their one-time password LCD devices and mobile apps were increasingly vulnerable to phishing and “man in the middle (MitM)” attacks.

YubiKey Solution:

The company turned to Yubico and implemented a policy whereby 2 Yubikeys became “standard issue” for each and every employee, as well as available for end-users.


  • Zero account takeovers
  • 92% reduction in support costs
  • 4x faster logins
  • Zero failure rates
“We believe that by using this token we’ve raised the standard of security for our employees beyond what was commercially available.”
Mayank UpadhyayDirector of Security Engineering, Google Inc.
“Other technologies, such as traditional OTP-based hardware tokens, smart cards, and biometrics didn’t fully support our need to allow multiple and rapid logins to SSH sessions.”
Facebook Logo
John FlynnFormer Facebook Security Team

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