Industry Leading FIPS 140-2 Certified Two Factor Authentication Security Key

The YubiKey – FIPS enables government agencies and regulated industries to meet the highest level of assurance (AAL3) of the new NIST SP800-63B guidance from the trusted leader in modern secure authentication, Yubico.

Secure, Hardware Authentication

The YubiKey is superior by combining hardware-based authentication and public key cryptography for phishing defense that eliminates account takeovers.

Easy, Fast, and Reliable

The YubiKey is made in the USA and Sweden to precise durability standards making it crush-resistant and waterproof.  It provides reliable hardware security that does not require a battery nor network connectivity so it is always on and accessible.  Authentication is fast with a simple touch that is four times faster than typing an One Time Passcode.

Reduce IT Operational Costs

20-50% of help desk calls are for password resets making them the #1 IT support cost.  The YubiKey is proven to reduce password support incidents by 92% and lower IT support costs.  Additionally, deployments are faster and cost less with the YubiKey’s industry leading support for numerous protocols, systems and services.

YubiKey – FIPS
USB-A for Keychain

YubiKey Nano – FIPS
USB-A for semi-permanent stays in port

YubiKey C – FIPS
USB-C for Keychain

YubiKey C Nano – FIPS
USB-C for semi-permanent stays in port

Choice of Form Factor

  • All YubiKey – FIPS form factors include the same functionality
  • The original YubiKey features a durable USB-A body designed for keychains so it goes everywhere you do — just like your keys
  • YubiKey Nano features a slim USB-A form factor for semi-permanent installation and convenience
  • YubiKey C Nano features a ultra-slim USB-C form factor in the latest Mac, PC, & Android computing devices.


  • FIPS 140-2 certification pending at NIST
    (Overall Level 2, Physical Security Level 3)
  • Strong multi-factor authentication
  • Easy and fast authentication
  • Crush resistant & waterproof
  • Multiprotocol support on a single key
  • Convenient sizes
  • Made in the USA & Sweden

Technical Specifications

  • Supported protocols: FIDO U2F, smart card (PIV), Yubico OTP, OpenPGP, OATH-TOTP, OATH-HOTP, and Challenge-Response
  • Works on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Chrome OS operating systems, and on major browsers
  • PIV smart card compatible, minidriver available on Windows
  • Support for PKCS#11
  • Crypto Algorithms: RSA 2048, ECC p256, ECC p384
  • Hardware secure element to protect cryptographic keys

Using your YubiKey

Go to for instructions on how to set up your YubiKey with each service. Steps to enroll your YubiKey may differ from service to service.

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