YubiHSM 2 and YubiHSM 2 FIPS

Game changing cryptographic protection for servers, applications and computing devices.

The world’s smallest HSM secures modern infrastructures

Enhanced protection for cryptographic keys

Secure generation, storage and management of digital keys.

Rapid integration with hardware-backed security

A comprehensive cryptographic open source toolbox with support for PKCS#11.

Simplified deployment for organizations of all sizes

Ultra portable form factor at an affordable price secures a wide range of long-standing and emerging use cases.

YubiHSM 2 and YubiHSM 2 FIPS highlights:
  • Portable nano form factor with low-power usage
  • Secure key storage and crypto operations on a tamper-resistant device
  • Network shareable for use by applications on other servers
  • Interfaces via YubiHSM KSP, PKCS #11 and native libraries
  • Direct USB support beneficial for virtualized environments
  • IP68 rated, crush resistant, no batteries required, no moving parts
Enhanced protection for cryptographic keys
  • Prevent poor cryptographic key handling by preventing accidental copying and distribution of cryptographic keys.
  • Defend against remote attacks and eliminate remote extraction of private keys by storing cryptographic keys securely on hardware
  • Strong hardware-based security ensures highest bar for protection of sensitive information and data.
  • Experience stronger security by enabling access to the YubiHSM with a YubiKey, as compared to a password
Rapid integration with hardware-backed security
  • Open source SDK enables rapid integration
  • Frees developers to easily build support for hardware-based strong security into a wide array of platforms, applications and services
  • Enables organizations to easily make the YubiHSM 2 features accessible through industry standard PKCS#11
Simplified deployment for organizations of all sizes
  • Ultra-portable and fits easily into a front USB slot on computers and servers
  • Secures modern use cases such as cryptocurrency exchanges, IoT gateways and proxies and cloud services
  • Secures Microsoft Active Directory certificates

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