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    Expert consulting services designed to facilitate your successful YubiKey deployment.
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    Accelerate your YubiKey deployment

    Our Professional Services team offers best-in-class technical and operational guidance in support of your YubiKey implementation and rollout.

    Technical integration services
    Deployment planning
    Lifecycle management
    User training and support
    Analytics and reporting


    Accelerate your MFA and YubiKey deployment with Yubico Professional Services

    Watch our webinar to learn more about deployment tips and best practices, the value of Yubico Professional Services, and new offerings available.

    Yubico Professional Services overview

    Yubico offers a wide variety of expert consulting services to accelerate your YubiKey implementation and deployment

    Yubico’s Deployment 360 program

    A turnkey program including all essential elements in getting your organization to successfully deploy YubiKeys


    • Workshops and projects designed to jump start your deployment
    • A dedicated Deployment Advisor for your project team
    • A comprehensive, ready-to use asset library
    • On-demand Professional Services Hours for technical assurance

    Let Yubico’s Professional Services show you the way to a successful YubiKey deployment from start to finish.

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    Designed to give you the knowledge and expertise to plan your YubiKey deployment from distribution to launch

    Operational Deployment

    One-day sessions focused on YubiKey lifecycle management and rollout processes. Includes a customized client deployment recommendations guide

    YubiKey Deployment Best Practices Strategy

    A specialized workshop providing best practices and operational tips for deploying YubiKeys throughout the organization

    YubiKey Distribution Planning

    A workshop focusing on creating your end user YubiKey distribution plan, including distribution processes, messaging, support plans and reporting

    YubiEnterprise Delivery API Integration

    Features a developer workshop to expedite your integration with the YubiEnterprise Delivery API and ServiceNow

    Designed to provide technical assistance with your YubiKey integration

    Authentication Strategy

    One-day technical review of authentication use cases, architecture, and identity providers.  Includes a customized client strategy recommendations guide

    Getting Started with Entra ID

    Half-day, interactive sessions on integrating YubiKeys with Entra ID

    Getting Started with Duo/Okta/Ping

    Half-day interactive sessions featuring technical integration guidance with Duo/Okta/Ping

    YubiHSM Quick Start

    A fast track workshop helping you deploy, implement and manage YubiHSMs in your environment

    Individual PS Offerings

    Technical Integration Projects
    two workers
    Microsoft Entra ID Hybrid Implementation

    A two week engagement to assist you in enabling YubiKeys in your Entra ID Hybrid environment

    Microsoft Smart Card Implementation

    A two week project focused on implementing PIV/Smart Card authentication with YubiKeys

    Microsoft Entra ID Passwordless Implementation

    A dedicated project to help you implement Entra ID/FIDO2 with YubiKeys

    Microsoft Entra ID Hybrid CBA Implementation

    A dedicated engagement to enable YubiKeys in your Entra ID Hybrid environment featuring CBA for standard users and Smart Card for privileged users


    Professional Services

    Jumpstart and accelerate your YubiKey deployment with expert technical and operational consulting assistance

    Professional Services activities

    Technical integration
    • Architecture and infrastructure review
    • Vendor integration analysis
    • Test plan development
    • PKI advisory and implementation
    Deployment planning
    • Deployment strategy
    • User security profile assessment
    • Staffing/resource allocation analysis
    • Project and milestone planning
    YubiKey lifecycle management
    • Key distribution and validation
    • User registration
    • Key provisioning and credential issuance
    • Key management policies
    User training and support
    • Communication and training strategies
    • Training material and documentation review
    • User support processes
    • Call center/CS script analysis
    • Communication plan design
    • User targeting/messaging
    • Pilot planning
    • Launch plan development

    Analytics and reporting
    • Reporting requirements
    • Customized metrics
    • Executive reporting
    • Dashboard design

    Make the most of your YubiKey investment

        Let our Professional Services team help you accelerate your deployment and unlock

    maximum value from your YubiKeys as quickly as possible.