For business

Easy to use strong authentication for employees, customers and partners.

Modern two factor authentication

Defends against phishing

Phishing is the primary method for stealing credentials from employees, vendors and customers. The YubiKey provides advanced phishing protection to stop account takeovers.

Easy to use, fast, and reliable

The YubiKey is crush-resistant and waterproof. It requires no battery or network connectivity and its simple touch authentication is four times faster than typing a One Time Password.

Reduces IT support costs

20-50% of help desk calls are for password resets, making them the #1 IT support cost. The YubiKey is proven to reduce password support incidents by 92%.

Eliminates account takeover

“We have mandated a hardware second factor since 2009…we have not had a single successful phishing attack against a Google employee since then.”

Niels Provos, Distinguished Engineer at Google

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Delivers security effortlessly

“Other technologies, such as traditional OTP-based hardware tokens, smart cards, and biometrics didn’t fully support our need to allow multiple and rapid logins to SSH sessions.”

John Flynn, Facebook Security Team

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Multi-protocol authentication support

The YubiKey supports multiple methods for authentication, enabling the same key to be used across services and applications.

Smart card/PIV

The YubiKey supports out-of-the-box native integration for the Microsoft environment, enabling rapid Smart Card deployment.

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FIDO2 and U2F

Yubico co-authored the FIDO2 and U2F standards with Microsoft and Google and is a founding member of the FIDO Alliance.

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One time password

Integrate YubiOTP natively with the free YubiCloud authentication service, or program your own TOTP or HOTP secrets.

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The YubiKey family

Choose from four different YubiKey models depending on your needs. The keychain model is designed to go anywhere on a keychain. The Nano model is small enough to stay in the USB port of your computer.  Choose between USB-A or USB-C.

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NIST publishes new authentication standards

The National Institute for Science and Technology (NIST) releases its digital identity guidelines, FIDO U2F achieves AAL3

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10 things to know about fido2 and passwordless login

FIDO2 is enabling the replacement of weak password-based authentication with strong hardware-based authentication.

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Knowledge base

Access user guides, configuration guides, and our searchable knowledge base, for detailed instructions and technical information.

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