YubiEnterprise Subscription

YubiEnterprise Subscription offers flexible purchasing options to easily buy and upgrade to the latest YubiKeys as your business evolves.

Enabling strong security while driving business acceleration

Organizations are looking for better and more efficient ways to improve security while making it easier for users to adopt best practices and enhancing productivity. With a single corporate security breach costing an average of $3.86M, and with 81% of breaches caused by stolen or weak passwords, a stronger approach such as hardware security keys based on modern authentication standards offers the gold standard in authentication. Enabling organizations to leverage flexible and cost-effective ways to procure strong authentication greatly heightens the security posture of the business.

YubiEnterprise Subscription

The YubiEnterprise Subscription service greatly simplifies authentication for organizations and enables time and cost savings. Key features of the YubiEnterprise Subscription service include:

OpEx spend

Leverage a subscription pricing model on a per user basis, and experience predictable OpEx spending.

Lower entry cost

Initial payments are significantly reduced in procuring YubiKeys, helping organizations maintain healthy balance sheets.

Multi-year terms

Streamline procurement of YubiKeys for 750 users or more by purchasing a 3-year term.

Free buffer stock

Keep 5% extra stock of YubiKeys at no additional cost to accommodate any urgent needs.


Choose any YubiKey now and upgrade easily to the latest YubiKeys (within the same subscription tier) as they become available. Customers are eligible to upgrade up to 25% of YubiKeys for subscribed users per year and can also be used to replace for lost, stolen, or employee churn reasons.

Backup key discounts

Get an additional discount for purchasing backup YubiKeys to enable easy self-service account recovery.

Technical support

Included is easy access to Yubico security experts with always-available bronze level support.

Extended warranty

The warranty is extended over the entire term duration.

YubiEnterprise Subscription delivers strong value

Organizations can derive greater value from their strong authentication investment by considering a subscription purchase as compared to a perpetual license purchase. With YubiEnterprise Subscription, an organization has access to additional features such as buffer stock, discounts on backup YubiKeys, key replacements, extended warranty and many others.

YubiEnterprise Subscription tiers

Customers have several tiers from which to choose, and can opt for Advanced and Premium tiers as needs arise. Additional keys will be added to tiers as they are introduced.

YubiKey 5 Series keys lined up

Proven, easy-to-use security that’s trusted by the
world’s leading companies

Prevent man-in-the-middle attacks and eliminate account takeovers

Any software downloaded on a computer or phone is vulnerable to malware and hackers. The YubiKey is based on hardware with the authentication secret stored on a separate secure chip built into the YubiKey, with no connection to the internet so it cannot be copied or stolen. Additionally, centralized servers with stored credentials can be breached. With the YubiKey, the data is encrypted with strong public key cryptography where only the public key is stored on the server, eliminating risks.

Reduces IT costs

The YubiKey dramatically reduces the number one IT support cost—password resets—which cost Microsoft over $12M per month. By switching from mobile one time passwords (OTPs) to YubiKeys, Google saw the following results:

  • Zero account takeovers
  • 4x faster logins
  • 92% fewer IT support calls
Easy to use, fast, and reliable

Users don’t need to install anything and can use the YubiKey in minutes. And the YubiKey is reliable because it does not require a battery or network connectivity, so it’s always on and accessible.

Easy to deploy

IT can deploy YubiKeys in days, not months. A single key, through its flexible multi-protocol capabilities, can work out-of-the-box with hundreds of systems, both cloud and on-premises. This eliminates the need for costly integrations or separate devices for each system, and can support passwordless, strong two-factor and multi-factor authentication scenarios.

Trusted authentication leader

Yubico is the principal inventor of the WebAuthn/FIDO2 and U2F authentication standards adopted by the FIDO alliance and is the first company to produce the U2F security
key and a multiprotocol FIDO2 authenticator. YubiKeys are produced in our offices in the USA and Sweden, maintaining security and quality control over the entire manufacturing process.

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