• YubiEnterprise Console

    An intuitive web user interface to work with your subscription and services, and delivers instant visibility into YubiKey inventory, shipments and much more.
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    Your strong authentication security snapshot

    YubiEnterprise Console comes with YubiEnterprise Subscription and makes it easy to gain visibility and accelerate your security at scale. And for customers purchasing through a reseller, YubiEnterprise Console enables our channel partners to view the subscription plans and tiers their end customers have purchased, the total inventory already shipped and still available to be shipped, making it easier than ever before to deploy phishing-resistant MFA with YubiKeys at scale, to stop account takeovers in their tracks.

    With YubiEnterprise Console, you can:
    • View the amount of YubiKey inventory available
    • Order shipments of keys (single order and multiple orders)
    • View the status of YubiKey shipments globally
    • View purchase order information
    • Manage all users in the organization
    • Simplify user communication by customizing emails when orders are shipped, delivered, or is unable to be delivered

    YubiEnterprise Console for Enterprises

    YubiEnterprise Console for 2-Tier Channel

    Businesses with 500+ users qualify for YubiEnterprise Subscription.
    Get security, flexibility, and technical support for the
    price of a cup of coffee per user per month.

    Quickly view who has access to
    YubiEnterprise Console

    YES console purchase order screen

    Easily conduct inventory management with
    an intuitive dashboard

    YES Console Dashboard

    See a list of all the YubiKey purchase orders

    YES Console PO screen

    View a list of all the YubiKey shipments

    YES Console Shipments screen

    Adjust the view based on your preferences (columns,
    filters, density, etc.)

    YES Console preferences screen

    Let us help you create a custom plan for your business!

    Opt for greater flexibility with subscription, compared to a one-time perpetual purchasing model

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