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Modern, simple, and cost-effective authentication at scale
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Modern strong authentication at scale
for manufacturing

The YubiKey provides modern strong authentication at scale across corporate environments, manufacturing floors, and assembly lines. With the YubiKey, manufacturing organizations can implement robust, easy-to-use authentication that increases user adoption and reduces password-related IT support costs.

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Secure shared workstations, mobile-restricted areas, and cloud services

With critical systems and applications located on-premises and the cloud, you need a simple yet effective way to ensure your applications and data are protected against unauthorized access. Legacy authentication such as usernames and passwords, and mobile-based authenticators, are highly susceptible to modern cyber attacks.
YubiKeys offer highest-assurance two-factor, multi-factor, and passwordless authentication, so only authorized users have access to corporate data and critical systems. Secrets are stored in the secure element on the hardware security key and cannot be easily exfiltrated, unlike legacy MFA approaches. YubiKeys integrate seamlessly with existing IAM solutions such as Microsoft, Okta, Duo and Ping, and provide secure authentication for hundreds of applications and services.

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Reduce password-related IT support costs

In addition to offering low security, legacy authentication methods also increase IT help desk costs related to password resets. Forrester estimates that password resets cost the help desk over $179 per employee per year. This can be a major issue for infrequently accessed applications where forgotten passwords are a common occurrence.
YubiKeys help reduce IT support costs—they enable user self-service for password resets, increasing productivity and eliminating the time and costs related to ongoing management or help desk password resets. YubiKeys also future-proof security investments, by acting as a bridge to modern authentication protocols and enabling secure passwordless login.

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Drive productivity with the best user experience

Password-resets can be extremely time consuming, and mobile-based authenticators such as SMS, one time passwords, and push notifications can interrupt user workflows. These approaches are also highly reliant on cellular connectivity, mobile phone battery charge and other factors that can halt productivity.
YubiKeys are extremely portable and simple to use, increasing employee productivity. The YubiKey offers fast, tap-and-go passwordless login that is 4x faster than login with SMS, and a single YubiKey conveniently works across multiple devices including desktops, laptops, mobile, tablets, notebooks and shared workstations/kiosks. YubiKeys also provide robust security across manufacturing floors—they don’t require a battery or internet connection, are also highly durable, crush-resistant, and water-resistant.

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Secure manufacturing assembly lines

In the manufacturing industry, it’s crucial to protect the integrity and intellectual property of all components in an end-to-end process—from production and assembly, to repair and replacement. To ensure that an assembly line only consists of genuinely sourced parts and products, there must be a trusted solution in place.
With supply chain integrity becoming increasingly paramount in today’s global world, manufacturing organizations are turning to Yubico to protect their supply chain and intellectual property, ranging from sensors and medical devices, to automotive and other products with electronic components. Yubico offers the YubiHSM2, an ultra-portable hardware security module in a ‘nano’ form factor, that is built to safeguard corporate secrets and secure manufacturing assembly lines.

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YubiHSM2: A secure keystore for the manufacturing industry

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