Protect against cybersecurity risks in retail

Protect against retail loss

Yubico helps retail organizations mitigate against cyber security risks, protecting sensitive customer and financial data and successfully addressing compliance requirements. Strong hardware-backed security offered by the YubiKey helps organizations effectively verify the identities of employees and customers before providing access to critical information, all without sacrificing ease of use. With the YubiKey, retail organizations can focus on delivering better products and experiences to customers, while having the peace of mind that important data is safe and brand reputation stays protected.

The old way vs. the new way

The old way: Low bar for security and user experience

  • Cumbersome Password-based account logins for employees into work machines/POS outlets
  • Phishable SMS-based 2FA for consumers on online retail website or retail mobile app

The new way: YubiKey

  • Tap-and-go passwordless secure login to shared workstations
  • Strong security with great ease-of-use drives user adoption; secure employees and consumers and their data
  • YubiKey is 4x faster than logins with SMS
  • A single key secures hundreds of services

How the YubiKey helps

The YubiKey hardware-based strong authentication secures customer financial data and privacy, while accelerating retail business productivity.

Meet Compliance Mandates and Protect Customer Privacy
Yubico enables strong verification of users before providing access to sensitive data, keeping retail organizations compliant with existing and emerging regulations such as PCI, PII, GDPR, PSD2.

Rapid and Secure Login to Shared Workstations
By enabling passwordless secure login to computers and retail POS outlets, with a simple tap-and-go experience, Yubico enables organizations and their employees to stay secure and productive on a daily basis as well as during specific retail peaks such as during the holidays, back-to-school, and other annual promotions.

Enable Secure and Efficient Online and Mobile Workflows
With Yubico, retail organizations can enable employees to use mobile devices to securely gain access to sensitive data, check inventory, place orders, and bring the checkout line to the customer, delivering a fast and easy experience. And consumers can securely log into a retail site via a web browser or a mobile application using YubiKey strong authentication, protecting their sensitive data and privacy.

Future-Proof Security Across Legacy and Modern Environments
Yubico delivers a multi-protocol solution that enables retail organizations to secure their legacy environment while moving towards modern authentication. And, by drastically reducing password reset- or account lockout-based calls to the IT helpdesk, the organization also experiences strong security ROI due to reduced number of support incidents.

Case in point:

Big box retailer chooses YubiKey


  • Big Box Retailer with 12,000 stores in 30 countries
  • Needed low impact roll-out and low friction usability
  • Preferred no increased burden on Help Desk
  • Global mandate to replace an existing authentication solution
  • Support corporate knowledge workers (desktops) and retail workers on shared machines


  • User self-provisioning for globally dispersed workforce
  • Multi-protocol supports current and future roadmap
  • Ease of use and minimal burden to employee base
  • No batteries makes it easy to ship internationally


  • International roll-out exceeded 100,000 users in all 30 countries
  • Decrease in support tickets
  • Painless migration from alternative authentication solution
  • Significant TCO reduction
“Hackers and their tactics are continually evolving but one thing remains the same: retailers are prime targets for a cyber-attack. This is such a widespread issue that in nearly every cyber-security report in the past few years retail is the industry topping the list for attacked organisations.”
“Whether it’s an attack on your online store or your credit card processing system, a data breach could leave you with massive tech bills and thousands of frustrated customers.”

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