Expanded Security Key Series now available: Phishing-resistant, FIDO-only MFA for enterprises and individuals

Last month, we announced the expansion of both Yubico’s YubiEnterprise Subscription and our Security Key Series lineup, which included the addition of two new enterprise, FIDO-only (FIDO2/WebAuthn and FIDO U2F) keys. We’re excited to share that the Security Key Series are officially available today and can be purchased via our expanded YubiEnterprise Subscription program for enterprises or directly on Yubico.com for consumers.

The goal with these new enhancements is to meet our customer’s requirements while still offering the most value. One of the ways we’re achieving this is by providing the flexibility for enterprises to purchase the increasingly popular Security Key Series at an affordable price as part of the YubiEnterprise Subscription program. To help enterprises better keep track of inventory, serial numbers are etched on the back of the keys to differentiate them from other YubiKey models.

We will also continue to offer a version without serial numbers available via subscription or on a perpetual purchase. The retail price remains at $29 for Security Key C NFC and $25 for Security Key NFC. Additionally, to match the iconic look and feel of our flagship YubiKey 5 Series, the entire lineup transitions from blue to black in color.

With the recent updates to Twitter’s authentication choices, as well as Apple adding support for security keys and Meta’s testing of Meta Verified that includes added paid protection option, users may be left wondering what the best way to approach their security is. We encourage Twitter users and others who are looking for a modern MFA alternative to SMS or authenticator apps to check out the Security Key Series, or take Yubico’s quiz to see which key is right for you.

For more information on the new Security Key Series, visit our blog here. Details on Yubico’s new, updated YubiEnterprise Subscription offering can be found here and be sure to visit our calculator to see the cost savings you can achieve. 

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