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Top five pitfalls companies should avoid when rolling out a passwordless strategy

Given the number of breaches in the news today where passwords were at the root of the problem, many companies are now exploring the benefits of a secure passwordless future. Secure passwordless logins not only bring cost efficiencies and a more frictionless user login experience into the organization, but deliver the security that is necessary


How will authentication standards evolve in 2021 and beyond?

Authentication standards development is like a slow-moving, winding river. It often takes years of dedicated work to reach new milestones, yet it feeds the entire security ecosystem and sustains digital workflow safety throughout the enterprise. While the benefits of this river are often invisible to the end-user, CISOs and developers are thinking about the river’s

What is CTAP?

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What is FIDO Universal 2nd Factor?

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What is FIDO 2?

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FIDO2 passwordless authentication

FIDO2 – an open authentication standard FIDO2 is an open authentication standard, hosted by the FIDO Alliance, that consists of the W3C Web Authentication specification (WebAuthn API), and the Client to Authentication Protocol (CTAP). CTAP is an application layer protocol used for communication between a client (browser) or a platform (operating system) with an external

Authentication standards


Atlassian unifies user authentication to improve employee productivity with YubiKeys

Atlassian uses YubiKeys to increase productivity, supporting a wide variety of MFA needs.


Multinational engineering firm Maire Tecnimont goes passwordless

Maire Tecnimont goes passwordless to improve both security and user experience.


Going Passwordless with FIDO2 and WebAuthn

Imagine a world where users no longer need to set, reset, forget and reset multiple passwords.