YubiEnterprise Delivery Service expands to 49 countries to help customers increase remote work security for distributed workforces

November 2, 2021 4 minute read

The past two years have seen a tremendous amount of change regarding normal business processes for companies around the world, and our customers are no exception. When YubiEnterprise Delivery was first launched in May of 2020, organizations and their workforces, partners, and customers were just beginning to grapple with the new challenges that the pandemic brought, including how to enable stronger remote work security for distributed workforces without reducing productivity. YubiEnterprise Delivery introduced an efficient way for organizations across the US, Canada and Europe to adopt phishing-resistant, strong authentication at scale with turnkey YubiKey delivery to remote users. 

Today, we are excited to announce that YubiEnterprise Delivery expands service to 15 new countries, bringing the total to 49 countries across North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Oceania, and Asia. Now organizations with regional offices in these regions can  distribute YubiKeys directly to their employees, partners, and customers. The new countries include key areas where customers have increasing numbers of remote employees: Mexico, Chile, Israel, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand

Since the launch of YubiEnterprise Delivery Service, Yubico has consistently augmented the Service with new secure remote access features and capabilities — most recently publishing an integration guide to ServiceNow. With these key integrations, Yubico aims to make the process of ordering keys for new and existing employees as seamless as possible for customers.

Key benefits of YubiEnterprise and details on delivery expansion

As a cloud-based logistics service, YubiEnterprise Delivery allows customers to streamline YubiKey distribution to end-users in domestic and international locations, including residential addresses. IT department administrators can easily oversee product inventory levels, request single or bulk YubiKey shipments, and track delivery status in one centralized location. All of these features are accessible through Yubico’s cloud-based self-service Console, or can be directly integrated into existing IT software using public APIs. In just its short time since launch, we have processed nearly 90,000 shipments via YubiEnterprise Delivery.

With YubiEnterprise Delivery, organizations can expect the following benefits:

  • Cost-effective, turnkey delivery with shipping and tracking of YubiKeys to users, all handled seamlessly by the experts at Yubico
  • Access to the capabilities of YubiEnterprise Delivery through an administrator console or organizations can integrate YubiEnterprise Delivery into their IT flows and service catalogs using public APIs (watch this video to learn more)
  • Manage all YubiEnterprise subscriptions quickly and easily
  • Place individual shipment requests or conveniently upload shipments in bulk through a CSV file
  • Gain visibility into an organization’s available inventory and consumption patterns (i.e. how many were bought, how many are shipped, and how many are available)
  • Get immediate details on shipment costs and applicable details depending on the shipping region
  • Generate reports for all shipment requests over time for inter-department cross-charge
  • Streamline business processes through introduction of the Global PO
  • Manage RMA / shipment anomalies directly through the console

YubiEnterprise Delivery: what’s next in the era of remote work security for hybrid workers

YubiEnterprise Delivery was created as a key way to provide IT teams with powerful capabilities to manage the delivery of YubiKey devices to remote employees, mitigating the complications of hardware distribution, while helping to accelerate the adoption of strong multi-factor authentication (MFA) for improved remote workforce cyber security. There are still many remaining remote security challenges that businesses are looking to overcome to make the distributed work model as effective as it can be. This includes the innate challenge of ensuring strong security for all employees and their devices while working remotely, but also the challenge of how to get certain tools and services to hundreds, if not thousands, of workers spread in many different places around the world. 

With the addition of these new countries, broad global coverage, and new API integrations, Yubico remains committed to helping companies around the world with the ongoing challenges of distributed employees and ensuring strong authentication across users and devices. We’re excited for these moves and look forward to continuing to invest in future enhancements and capabilities to help YubiEnterprise Delivery customers.

For more information about YubiEnterprise Delivery, including pricing options and key benefits, please visit yubico.com/products/yubienterprise-delivery/. Furthermore, YubiEnterprise Subscription can supplement delivery with flexible YubiKey-as-a-Service purchasing options. 

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