Ronnie Manning

Versatility, Partners Showcased At RSA


It’s a word that defines Yubico’s concept of modern security and strong authentication, which describes one YubiKey for many protocols and applications.

Single-purpose tokens have come and (nearly) gone, replaced by new solutions that support multiple enterprise and consumer devices and use cases, and strengthen access controls. Yubico is at the forefront of this evolution.

At this week’s RSA Conference, we are working with partners Dashlane and Centrify to showcase YubiKey‘s versatility (you can find us at Booth #N4909).

Dashlane is adding strong authentication to its password manager platform based on FIDO’s Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) standard. Dashlane is the first consumer product implementing the protocol in a non-browser environment. This deployment shows the versatility of U2F to adapt to different environments — web, enterprise, and mobile.

Today, U2F is one of the two most popular second-factor YubiKey choices, along with one-time passwords. But there is much more that the YubiKey can do in terms of authentication and security.

Centrify is taking advantage of YubiKey’s ability to support multiple authentication protocols on a single key, addressing enterprise identity management needs across cloud, mobile, and on-premises environments.

Centrify is the first identity management platform to support YubiKey smart card capabilities (PIV) in the cloud and Active Directory-based computer login to Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Centrify also supports OATH one-time passwords implemented by YubiKey and plans to add YubiKey’s Near Field Communication (NFC) function to support mobile authentication.

In addition to activities with Dashlane and Centrify, Yubico will demo at RSA a U2F-supported mobile login to GitHub and participate in YubiKey giveaways by our partners Okta, EgoSecure, and Duo Security. Finally, listen for Yubico’s name to be called when the SC Award’s Trust Award for “Best Authentication Solution,”is handed out, and be sure to attend the Non-Profits on the Loose reception that we’re sponsoring on Tuesday night.

Versatile, indeed.

We hope to see you in San Francisco.