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Yubico.com and Our Blog

Finally! We are very happy to launch our new website, based on the open source CMS WordPress. But that’s not enough! We have an exciting future ahead of us, including the long awaited release of the YubiKey NEO in volume production and a whole range of other things we are getting ready to talk about. While the awareness and discussion about online security, breaches and two-factor authentication continues to rise, this blog will be the place where we publicly talk and discuss these topics with you. At this blog you will also get product updates, how to-guides and other fun stuff going on in the Yubico world.

You will meet Stina Ehrensvärd, CEO & Founder, Simon Josefsson, Security Architect, David Maples, Technical Support, Evelina Ander, our Marketing Manager, as well as the rest of the Yubico team here at the YubiBlog. You might also find guest blog posts written by our friends and partners, and our very important community (you!) in the future.

As always, a brand new site is likely to have minor errors that we are just blind about. Please let us know, or if you have any other feedback, in the comments below or with an email to info@yubico.com. We would also love to hear your thoughts about what you would like us to blog about! And of course, stay tuned by subscribing to the YubiBlog via RSS.

All the best,
The Yubico team

PS. If you would like to secure your own WordPress site with YubiKey two-factor authentication, read more here.

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