Stina Ehrensvard

Special Holiday Offer

It’s time for Yubico’s Special Holiday Offer! The v2.3 firmware has just been released and the Yubico team, with help from Rob, our hard working robot, have put together a Holiday Pack to give you a chance to try it out.

Here’s what you get with a purchase of the Holiday Pack: two black YubiKey Standards and a very special Gold Edition of the YubiKey Nano. Fancy! And yes, all YubiKeys in the Holiday Pack comes with v2.3 firmware. You’ll save 35% on the Holiday Pack as compared to buying them separately, not forgetting the special edition of the Nano that’s currently only available with the Holiday Pack.

Click here to order online, but remember that we have limited stocks.

Enjoy the holiday season trying out the new features!

4 responses to “Special Holiday Offer”

  1. Anuwat Ngowchieng says:

    I want to order. But DHL shipping cost to Thailand is higher than the item. Do you have alternate shipping ? (Ex. USPS).

  2. David Maples David Maples says:

    Hello Anuwat,

    We have had in the past an unacceptably high number of “lost in the post” deliveries to Thailand, so we removed the regular AirMail option.

    If you understand the risks and wish to proceed anyway, we will enable the less expensive AirMail option for individual customers. Contact if you wish to proceed with that option.

  3. Anuwat Ngowchieng says:

    I E-mail 2 times. But no response.

  4. Hi,
    We’re sorry that you had to email us twice, the reason why is that the correct email address is and not You should have received a reply by now, but please let us know if you have not received it.

    /Evelina, Yubico