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Amazon is giving everyone a shot at earning extra cash online through its Amazon Associates program. You can sign up for free and make money by promoting qualifying products from Amazon on your website, blog, or social media accounts. Because YubiKeys qualify for the program, you can earn up to 10% commission on a successful order by sharing a link to the YubiKey product pages. It’s simple, easy to do, and you can get started today!

What’s even better is that you’ll earn commission on a shopper’s entire order. So if a shopper completes a purchase with a YubiKey and three other qualifying products (like a tv, laptop, and watch for example), you’ll earn commission on all of those products!

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Common Questions

Who can take advantage of an Amazon Associates account?

Any person or entity with a social security number or tax identification number can apply for an Amazon Associate account.

How do I become an Amazon Associate?

Depending on your marketplace, you need to apply at one of the following locations with a valid national ID (representing an individual) or tax identification number (representing a company):

How do Amazon Associate links work?

After becoming an Amazon Associate, you will be given an associate tag. By adding the associate tag to product links, Amazon will know that you were responsible for a “click” over to one of their stores. If that click turns into an sale, you’ll receive a commission for the whole order. It’s as simple as that.

How do I post ads to websites, blogs and social media?

There are a number of ways that you can post active affiliate links. The important thing to know is that any link to an Amazon site that includes your associate tag is an active affiliate link. When creating an Amazon Associates account, you’ll be asked to create a tag for yourself. It will be unique. You can find this tag at the top right of your account dashboard.

Option 1:
Manually create a link using your store tag.

To do this, you should know the shortest possible URL for a product: “”. The product ID (highlighted in bold text) is called an ASIN, or Amazon Standard Item Number. This ASIN is for the YubiKey 4. Appending a store (or associate) tag to the URL is easy. Just add: “?tag=your_Associates_ID”. So the whole URL would like this:

What can I do with this link?

Use the link any way that makes sense. You can share it in a blog, Facebook, or Twitter post. You can also create text links or link an image with it. Use affiliate links just as you would any other link.

Option 2:
Use Amazon’s multiple methods of creating and posting affiliate ads.

Login to your Amazon Associates account and paste a YubiKey ASIN into the ad generator. You have many options for ads.

How are the earnings paid to me, and who pays me?

Amazon pays you. Generally, there are three ways for you to get your commission:

  1. Direct deposit into your bank account
  2. Amazon Gift certificate
  3. Check

Learn more about payments.

Commission payments are typically delivered after 60 days, as Amazon settles the accounting on each order. That means commissions paid in April are generated from orders completed in February.

Can I link to to be paid commission?

Not at this time.

Terms & Conditions

Yubico is not affiliated with Amazon Associates, and only seeks to share knowledge of this opportunity. For more program terms and conditions, please visit Amazon.