“It took 20 minutes and 11 lines of code to integrate the YubiKey with our internal intranet based password management system.”
– Matt Morgans, Global IT Security Manager, Dyson Ltd, UK

What we offer

Yubico provides all of the code for the YubiKey programming, One-Time Password encryption/decryption and our validation server, in order to allow users to create software utilizing the YubiKey, or to fully integrate the YubiKey hardware with existing applications. Yubico further offers the free YubiCloud Service for Yubico OTP validation, and offers free API key and examples to any developer who would like to utilize it. Yubico supports external efforts to develop applications utilizing the YubiKey and fosters a healthy development community on the Yubico forums.

How it works

Yubico offers free web API keys to allow websites or services to link Yubico One-Time Password validation directly to the YubiCloud, adding the protection of a YubiKey to any website or service.  Integrators can configure their own clients to securely pass Yubico OTPs to the YubiCloud and receive an OTP validation response back. The web API also allows sites to leverage the default YubiKey configuration as well.

Customers can also create their own validation server for YubiKeys and integrate it directly into their own service or applications. The validation server combines both the validation algorithm along with a Key Storage Module to provide a solution with the same features as the YubiCloud, while allowing for complete control over the validation options.

Further integration and projects

For further integration with the YubiKey, users may access free low-level libraries which cover the decryption and parsing of Yubico One-Time Passwords, allowing for existing validation servers or applications to work with YubiKeys, or to take advantage of the YubiKey Challenge-Response configuration for offline validation.

Yubico also provides libraries for the programming of YubiKey hardware tokens, allowing integrators to create their own tools to program YubiKeys to their own specifications. Integrators can create their own applications for configuring YubiKeys, which they may distribute to their own customers.

We support independent efforts to develop for the YubiKey, and offer source code to many of the projects on GitHub, including many different Linux packaging options for YubiKey validation services, python and c libraries, and the source code for existing Yubico Applications such as the Yubico Windows Authentication tool.