Protect with two-factor authentication

For many corporate networks, the Remote Access and VPNs required for employees to work off-site represent a significant exposure and vulnerability of the network. It is essential for network security to protect any method of Remote Access or VPNs with additional security without impacting authorized users. By deploying a YubiKey compatible RADIUS solution, Remote Access and VPNs are protected with two-factor authentication with the security and ease of use of the YubiKey.

Add Remote Access & VPN

There are a range of choices when adding a second-factor authentication method to a Remote Access or VPN in a corporate environment. Solutions utilizing the YubiKey offer a number of benefits making the addition of second factor authentication smooth and easy when compared to other two-factor solutions.

Enterprise Integrations

Build a custom solution

Yubico provides all the necessary source code for building a custom YubiKey-supporting Remote Access or VPN solution or integrating YubiKey support with an existing one.

YubiKey Libraries