credential-theftInternet Credential Theft: Common Mitigations vs. Attacker Behaviors

In this brief, we evaluate a few common internet credential theft mitigations and how they can influence known attacker behaviors. By Yubico Engineering


Achieving LOA 3 and 4 with YubiKeys

The YubiKey is a smart card that solves your challenges while meeting the highest level of assurance (LOA) requirements, based on NIST Guidelines. By Yubico


Google Research Paper

Research paper quantifying the benefits the internet giant found in using U2F-based 2-factor authentication — hardened security, improved user satisfaction, and reduced support costs.

Universal Second Factor and OpenID Connect

With OpenID Connect and FIDO U2F, you can solve more online identity challenges than either could do on their own. By Justin Richer for Yubico

Secure Shell with a YubiKey

YubiKey NEO and YubiKey NEO-n can use SSH to establish secure connections with remote servers. Find out why it is a good idea to use it. By Alessio Di Mauro

A Question of Key Length

YubiKey NEO and YubiKey NEO-n can act as a smart card, but some question the key lengths. Does key size really matter when it comes to cryptography? By Alessio Di Mauro

Static Password White Paper graphic

YubiKey Static Password Function

A long-time function of the YubiKey is the static password. Learn about this function that strikes a balance between pervasive support and secure authentication. By Dain Nilsson