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Your Bridge to Passwordless: Separating fact from fiction in your journey

“Passwordless” can feel like a loaded term, with the security industry filled with differing and contradictory positions on the topic. The purpose of this whitepaper is to take an objective approach to understand the challenges that passwords present, what “passwordless” means, and what enterprises can expect moving forward as passwordless authentication matures.

Osterman Cyber Security in Government

Learn how the government sector faces a growing complex of cybersecurity threats.

Osterman Cyber Security in Healthcare

Explore the current state of security threats in the healthcare industry today

2021 Yubico and 451 Research Study

Learn preferences and adoption trends with respect to multi-factor authentication in the enterprise.

Emerging Technology Horizon for Information Security

Osterman Research Cyber Security in Education

Learn how the education sector faces a growing complex of cybersecurity threats.

SIM Swap Protecting Against Account Takeover with WebAuthn

Billions of dollars are being stolen annually due to account takeover fraud.

Healthcare White Paper

Since early 2020, the healthcare industry has undergone a significant digital transformation.

Going Passwordless with FIDO2 and WebAuthn

Imagine a world where users no longer need to set, reset, forget and reset multiple passwords.

Credential Theft: Common Mitigations vs. Attacker Behaviors

Attacker objectives are as diverse as human ambition.