Congratulations! You have a YubiKey! With a simple touch, you will be able to protect access to your computers, networks, and online services, just like the world’s largest organizations.

If you don’t yet have a YubiKey you can buy one on the Yubico Store or Amazon.

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Your YubiKey provides a second factor of security for your logins, beyond a username and password. Your YubiKey needs to be registered or paired with each computer, service, or site you use it with. It’s smart to set up a backup YubiKey as well.

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YubiKeys are supported natively by hundreds of business and educational services like Google for Work, G Suite for Education,, Dropbox Business, Duo, Okta, and Centrify. An administrator may need to provision your YubiKey to work for you at your organization.


YubiKeys are supported natively in dozens of developer tools. Those with more technical expertise can configure their YubiKeys for an enormous number of uses using our free tools. Developers can also integrate YubiKeys into their own applications and services using free open source software from our Developer’s site.

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