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A few tips before you get started

Get ready to enroll fingerprints on your key and then add your YubiKey to your online accounts.

Have your key ready

Have your key ready to plug into your computer, preferably the same way you will plug it in later when you authenticate: i.e., either with or without an adapter.

Get your trusted device ready

A trusted device is one that is not public and has an up to date operating system with the latest security patches installed. Have a computer running either Windows 10 (1903 or later) or any of the following with the Chrome browser 90 or later: macOS (Catalina or Big Sur), Chrome OS 90 or later, Ubuntu 18.04 or later.

Fingerprint enrollment

Enrolling fingerprints on your YubiKey Bio varies depending on whether you are running Windows or macOS or Linux or Chrome OS.

Windows 10

Use Windows Sign-In settings. Click the button below to open the settings.

macOS / Linux / Chrome OS

Use Chrome 90 or later. To enroll your first fingerprint click the button below.

Frequently asked questions

After 3 unsuccessful attempts to authenticate using biometrics your YubiKey Bio will cease to prompt for the fingerprint and will fall back to PIN and regular touch, the primary authentication mechanism. The blocked biometrics state is indicated by a constant slow flashing of the amber LED, the one closer to the USB-contact.

To unblock biometrics, do the following:

  1. Click here - .
  2. Enter the PIN for your security key.
  3. When the green LED flashes, touch the bezel ring on your key.

Note that if you are not in the biometrics blocked state, the browser will ask you to authenticate using biometrics.

Authenticating using a fingerprint could be unavailable for a number of reasons.

  1. Wipe the sensor clean and ensure your hands are moisturized. Do not use any solvents or solutions on the key.
  2. If the key’s amber LED is flashing constantly, see this question, How do I unblock my key?
  3. If the key is still flashing amber, see section 2 above, Fingerprint enrollment to find the correct menu to manage fingerprints and make sure you have fingerprints enrolled.
  4. If none of the above solutions resolve your issue, contact the Support team.

You can enroll a total of 5 fingerprints. To manage existing and enroll additional fingerprints: see section 2 above, Fingerprint enrollment.

Reset is a security feature for wiping all your information off your key. This is recommended when you no longer plan to use the key or need to return it to whoever issued it to you. When the key is reset the following happens:

  • All FIDO2 credentials (both resident and non-resident are removed and access with this key to accounts or services to which it has been added is no longer available.
  • Access with this key to the U2F sites where it was registered is no longer available.
  • The PIN is removed.
  • All stored fingerprints are removed.

No. Windows Hello is not supported by the YubiKey Bio Series.

See which platforms are supported in the section Get your trusted device ready.

Mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android do not support CTAP2.1, the standard on which YubiKey Bio bases its implementation.

  • Three short flashes of amber LED: The fingerprint was not successfully matched to an enrolled fingerprint template.
  • Constant slow flashing of amber LED: The YubiKey Bio is either in biometric blocked state, see this question, alternatively no fingerprints have been enrolled on the YubiKey Bio. To enroll fingerprints see this section.
  • Rapidly flashing green LED: Biometric touch (fingerprint) required, touch the sensor pad with a finger whose print you have enrolled. This is twice as fast as on a YubiKey 5 series requesting touch.
  • Slowly flashing green LED: Simple touch required, touch the sensor pad with any finger. This is the same blink frequency as on a YubiKey 5 Series.