The Path to Zero Trust

    Insights and Best Practices
    Zero Trust survey preview

    Rapid digital transformation, increased remote work, and evolving cybersecurity threats have catapulted Zero Trust from an IT buzzword to a foundational cybersecurity model. In our comprehensive report, “The Path to Zero Trust: Industry Insights and Best Practices”, we delve into the latest adoption trends, challenges, and the current state of Zero Trust, based on a survey of 423 IT and cybersecurity professionals.

    Key findings include:

    • 62% of respondents aim to improve Identity and Access Management (IAM) to achieve Zero Trust.
    • 65% of organizations are focusing on user authentication with phishing-resistant MFA to achieve Zero Trust.
    • A multi-product approach is adopted by 50% of organizations to implement Zero Trust, using between 2 to 4 products.
    • While interest is high, only 18% of organizations currently have Zero Trust access in operation, with 31% having implementation projects underway.