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    City of Sacramento uses YubiKeys to secure remote workers

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    About our customer City of Sacramento

    Founded in 1849, the City of Sacramento is the oldest incorporated city in California, United States. It includes city departments, offices, and employments providing municipal functions such as transportation and community development, and law and legislation. The City of Sacramento is redefining itself as a leader in the next era of progressive cities, and is driving forward a vision that is focused on innovation, infrastructure, and inclusion.

    The challenge:

    The City of Sacramento uses PortalGuard for Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality which offers multi-factor authentication (MFA) capabilities. The city had deployed mobile-based voice and text OTP for authenticating employees, but were experiencing challenges as not every employee had a government issued mobile device. Additionally, the city couldn’t mandate use of personal mobile devices for work related activities. This became particularly challenging in early 2020 when a large part of their workforce started teleworking due to COVID-19. The city was looking for an alternate MFA solution to ensure secure VPN connections and application access for teleworking employees.

    “The need for organizations to protect themselves with 2FA/MFA was obvious a while back, but is really becoming critical with everyone working from home. This is a very clean, simple and cost-effective means of doing it”
    Jim BergSupervisor, Information Technology, City of Sacramento

    The solution:

    The City of Sacramento chose YubiKeys for MFA in conjunction with PortalGuard to secure remote workers and to minimize reliance on mobile-based authentication.

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