NOTE: The smart card drivers and tools work on all Yubico devices except for the Security Key by Yubico and the FIDO U2F Security Key.

Use a YubiKey to login to Windows domain accounts for macOS accounts on Sierra and above instead of a username and Password.

macOS Sierra and above
Use the YubiKey PIV Manager to pair your YubiKey with your account.

IT administrators can set up their Windows domain to allow YubiKeys to be used as smart cards for login to connected Windows systems. Use the YubiKey PIV Manager or YubiKey PIV Tool for Windows to create PIN Unlock Keys (PUK)s on YubiKey devices for customers that require the use of a PUK.

The YubiKey Smart Card Minidriver enables users or administrators to use the native Windows interface for certificate enrollment, managing the YubiKey smart Card PIN, and smart card authentication on Windows.

NOTE: At this time YubiKey devices that use the YubiKey Smart Card Minidriver to manage certificates, manage PINs, and authenticate to Windows can not use the PIV Manager or PIV Tool for managing certificates or PINs.

YubiKey Smart Card Minidriver (Windows) v4.0.4.164

YubiKey PIV Manager (graphic interface) v1.4.2

Yubico PIV Tool (command line) v1.6.2