YubiKey Bio Preview Program

two YubiKey bio keys

Welcome to YubiKey Bio Preview

Thank you for joining us in the YubiKey Bio Preview Program and thank you so much for helping us. The YubiKey Bio delivers the convenience of biometric login with the added benefit of Yubico’s hallmark security, reliability and durability assurances.

As a participant in the Preview, we have three things we’d like you to do:

  1. Enroll your 5 fingerprints to the YubiKey Bio
  2. Go through our 2 test cases:
    1. FIDO2 Authentication
    2. Intentional Failure for FIDO2
  3. Fill out our survey

Any questions or need help with the setup? Visit our FAQ page.

1: YubiKey Bio Fingerprint Enrollment

Option A: On Windows 10

1. Go to Windows Settings
2. Select Account & Sign-In Options (Windows link)
3. Click on Security Key and Manage to set up a new key

Option B: On MacOS / Linux

Use Chrome 88 (which might be in Canary/unstable), click the button below and follow the instructions.

2. Test Cases

WebAuthn test cases

TEST #1 – Happy Path

Use your finger that is enrolled.

TEST #2 – Fail Path

Use a non-enrolled finger

3. YubiKey Bio Survey

Thank for testing the Bio key! We appreciate the testing efforts you and your team have done with the key and we’d like to know how your experience went.

Please fill out this survey once you’ve completed the test cases.

Yubico Bio Key Survey

We will be in contact with your project lead a week later to see how continued usage of the YubiKey Bio has gone.