YubiEnterprise Subscription updates make it easier than ever for enterprises to stop account takeovers

When we introduced YubiEnterprise Subscription several years ago, we were first to bring an  ‘as-a-Service’ model to market that enabled organizations to better consume hardware multi-factor authentication (MFA), saving enterprise customers money and delivering additional value to entry, flexibility, faster rollouts and seamless distribution. 

Today, we’re excited to announce the latest updates to the YubiEnterprise Subscription program including enhanced Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities and an updated UI. With these enhancements YubiEnterprise Subscription continues to make it easy and flexible for enterprises to adopt modern MFA at great scale.

With the YubiKey, the gold-standard of phishing-resistant MFA and our enhanced services, Yubico can help protect your company, your  employees, and your customers against malicious hackers in an effort to stop account takeovers

Seamless and secure access with SSO

Yubico works closely with Identity Provider (IdP) partners to help enable account takeover prevention solutions that provide security and convenience. The latest update to YubiEnterprise Subscription now allows customers using Microsoft or Okta as their IdP to leverage SSO for authentication into the YubiEnterprise Console. Additional IdP support is planned in the Yubico roadmap. If you are actively using the YubiEnterprise Console and would like to enable SSO, please contact Customer Support.

Enhanced user experience with fresher UI elements
The user interface (UI) of YubiEnterprise Console has been enhanced to offer a more intuitive user experience. The console offers a seamless web interface to work with your subscription and services, enabling a broad spectrum of benefits:

  • View the amount of YubiKey inventory available
  • Order shipments of keys (single order and multiple orders)
  • View the status of YubiKey shipments globally
  • View purchase order information
  • Manage all users in the organization
  • Simplify user communication by customizing emails when orders are shipped, delivered, or is unable to be delivered

With today’s updates, users can also expect to see:

  • Dashboard displaying purchased subscription tiers along with entitled form factors
  • Link to shipment creation for Yubico’s direct customers from each purchased inventory
  • A new and improved look and feel of the YubiEnterprise Console

Subscription contributes to customers’ ROI
Customers that currently leverage Yubico’s subscription program have already seen a benefit. In a recent Yubico-commissioned analysis, a Forrester Consulting‘s Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study examined the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises are experiencing by deploying YubiKeys – specifically via YubiEnterprise Subscription. 

Yubico’s hardware security key subscription and delivery services contributed significantly to the ROI organizations reaped from their MFA investments. As an example, a 5,000-person composite organization representative of interviewed customers leveraging Yubico’s YubiEnterprise Services, with YubiEnterprise Subscription paired with YubiEnterprise Delivery, achieved a 203% ROI over three years. 


For more information on YubiEnterprise Subscription plans and to learn which plan is right for your business, please visit here or watch the video below. To see the cost savings that YubiEnterprise can bring, check out our calculator here. To see how you can reduce risk by 99.9% and stop account takeovers with YubiKeys as a Service via a subscription program, contact us.

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