YubiKey deployment
Step 3: User adoption

Everything you’ll need to get the rest of your company onboard.
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Step 3 objective

As you begin to introduce the YubiKey to your users, there is no such thing as over communication! The best practice here is to communicate early, and communicate often. To assist you with these efforts, we have created an assortment of documents that can be used to as a foundation to develop your own training materials.


In this step you will be provided with access to useful templates and documents to aid in user communication. Resources include:

  • Email templates – use on employees
  • End-user FAQ – what are users asking?
  • Value proposition – how YubiKeys help you
  • Glossary – important terms to know

Get started

Email templates

These templates will help you announce the forthcoming deployment. While this is suggested content, you will definitely need to adapt to your unique instance. We have provided guidance on what to include in each email, and encourage you to use language that fits your company’s culture.

End-user FAQ

We have compiled a brief list of the most commonly asked questions that you can anticipate from your users. Because each YubiKey deployment is unique, we haven’t provided answers to every question. However, in knowing the typical questions that may arise, you can proactively prepare the answers specific to your deployment and organization.

Value proposition

Knowing the value and benefits of the YubiKey will help you gain buy-in from your users. When users know the why behind a change, they are much more likely to support and engage the cause.


Here is an informative list of common cybersecurity terms along with their definitions.

Having trouble?

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Professional Services

As always, if you need help, our Professional Services team has world-class engineers available for fully scoped projects and/or workshops to guide you to a successful deployment!