YubiKey deployment
Step 2: Operational guidance

Use the Operational Deployment Guide and many other resources to help your deployment.
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Step 2 objective

With one YubiKey that unlocks millions of online services, no two deployments are ever the same. However, even with their distinct nuances, there are commonalities amongst YubiKey customers when it comes to operational deployment considerations. Step 2 will assist with preparing and planning for deployment.


Below is the Operational Deployment Guide which will help you get your project off to a great start. The Guide may seem a bit overwhelming at first, so to improve comprehension and application, we recommend that you take the time to process the content. We have also provided a video series that walks through the Guide step-by-step for a more in-depth understanding. Our suggestion is to first read through the Guide, and then watch the videos.

Things we will explore in this document include:

  • Deployment planning and strategy
  • YubiKey user lifecycle management
  • User training and support
  • Launch and project reporting

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Introduction to the Operational Deployment Series

Module 1: Planning and strategy

Module 2: Lifecycle management

Module 3: User training and support

Module 4: Launch and project reporting

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As always, if you need help, our Professional Services team has world-class engineers available for fully scoped projects and/or workshops to guide you to a successful deployment!

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