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Meet the YubiKey
The YubiKey prevents unauthorized access to user accounts with unmatched security, usability, and affordability. Proven and trusted with the world’s largest brands -- including all Google, Facebook, and employees -- and millions of global users.
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The authentication challenge

Compromised identities have reached a level where the weaknesses in static passwords and software-based mobile authentication have been exposed. And the more secure hardware authentication devices are too complicated and expensive to scale for the majority of businesses and users.

The YubiKey changes this.

By using the YubiKey we’ve raised the standard of security for our employees beyond what was commercially available. — Google

Defeat the attackers, not your users

Stop unauthorized access to computers, servers, and cloud-based services, and prevent phishing, man-in-the-middle attacks, and malware. YubiKeys plug into USB ports or connect over NFC with mobile devices. The user authenticates with a simple tap.

Yubico YubiKeys

Because of the ease of use, we have seen minimal support and overhead costs. Other technologies didn’t fully support our need to allow multiple and rapid logins. — Facebook

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Works out of the box with hundreds of applications

The YubiKey is natively supported for access to all computers and platforms. Includes multiple authentication protocols, so a single YubiKey can be used for VPN, code signing, disk encryption, and hundreds of service and software providers to help solve the toughest security and access challenges.

“We deployed YubiKeys to 17,000 employees in 3 days.” —

Proven high quality

Manufactured from a single robust monoblock. YubiKeys are waterproof, battery free, and very difficult to break.

Many customers boast still using YubiKeys they deployed dating back to 2008.

As mobile as you are

YubiKey NEO features NFC for secure mobile authentication. Other YubiKeys work as a complement to mobile authentication technologies when the phone is lost, broken, or has no battery or network access. 

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Integration in minutes

Whether your company employs 2 people or over 200,000, deploying YubiKeys is quick and easy. We provide a hosted validation service, open source server software, or native integration in hundreds of applications.

Watch: Why GitHub deployed YubiKeys to both their employees and 11 million users.

Achieve compliance

Everything from SOX, HIPAA, to FIPS certified device requirements, comply with global government security requirements. Also significantly reduce fraud and potential identity theft.

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Security is at our core

Because security is never stronger than its weakest link, we have considered the full lifecycle of our products. We manufacture in California and Sweden, and enable customers to fully own and control their encryption secrets.

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Thought leaders

Yubico is a leading contributor to FIDO U2F standards, and is actively engaged with the global identity standards community. We provide free open source tools to developers, and encourage others to contribute.

“It took 20 minutes and 11 lines of code to integrate the YubiKey with our internal intranet-based password management system.” — Dyson

YubiHSM secures enterprise servers

Securing secrets on servers

Yubico also offers the YubiHSM 1.5, a lightweight and cost efficient Hardware Security Module to secure passwords and encryption secrets on standard servers.

NEW! Check out the upcoming YubiHSM 2, our next generation Hardware Security Module, with expanded capabilities including asymmetric cryptography.

Case Studies

Google cuts fraud, time to login and support calls for +60 k staff
Facebook deploys to 13,000 staff
CERN research secured with YubiKey