Safeguard information across your organization, and work across laptop, desktop, and mobile devices. YubiKey is a faster, stronger way to secure password managers and other privileged access management systems, and they work when mobile phones don’t. YubiKey NEO also works to authenticate some accounts over NFC. Find out more about YubiKey for mobile.

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DashlaneDashlane’s award-winning password manager is the first to support FIDO U2F-certified YubiKeys in an application. This enables fast, secure two-factor authentication that is always accessible and saves businesses significant time and money on support costs compared to other solutions. Get YubiKey and Dashlane Premium or see special bundle options with Dashlane for Business.

LastPass Enterprise

LastPass Enterprise includes all the features already in LastPass Premium and adds capabilities useful to companies desiring additional features and controls for their users.  When used together with YubiKeys, LastPass Enterprise allows you to simply and securely protect your enterprise.

LastPass Enterprise bundles include YubiKeys plus subscription to LastPass Enterprise.

Lieberman Software

Lieberman SoftwareLieberman Software’s Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) and Random Password Manager (RPM) allows organizations to implement flexible and cost-effective multifactor authentication with the YubiKey. This helps you to ensure that the privileged credentials found on every computer, network appliance, and line-of-business application in your organization can’t be compromised by key logging, social engineering, and other attacks.

Pleasant Solutions

Pleaset Password ServerPleasant Password Server from Pleasant Solutions is a password management system compatible with KeePass for Windows. It provides for secure storage and retrieval of multi-user passwords from a central server database. It also provides administrative control over user access to passwords and other secrets stored. Their Version 7 release provides two-factor authentication using YubiKeys by integrating with the YubiCloud authentication service or to another external YubiKey verification server.