As more and more applications become cloud-based, securing your data is becoming increasingly important. Whether all of your enterprise’s data is in the cloud, such as with Google applications, or you use key enterprise applications such as or Dropbox, you can be assured that access to that data is protected.

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For Gmail, Google Cloud, and other Google applications, the FIDO U2F Security Key is designed to rely on high-security, public-key cryptography.

Yubico’s lineup of U2F-compliant keys are ready to plug-and-play with tools for securing your Dropbox accounts with two-step verification.

OnApp provides Infrastructure-as-a-Service software for hosts, telcos and MSPs. The security of OnApp accounts is critical, and are safe with YubiKey as the second factor of authentication.

With easy-to-use, one-touch authentication, YubiKey for Salesforce is built to work with the Login Flows feature.

Pre-configured to work with two-factor authentication, the YubiKey VIP works with Symantec VIP-enabled services.

Adds two-factor authentication login to your open source Content Management System apps, such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla.