What is Passwordless?

Passwordless refers to passwordless authentication or login which represents a massive shift in how billions of users, both business and consumer, will securely log in to their critical resources and systems. The user can simply authenticate using a passwordless device, such as a FIDO2-based hardware security key to verify their credential with the application or system.

How does passwordless work?

Passwordless authentication is made possible by the new FIDO2 open authentication standard co-authored by Yubico and Microsoft, along with members of the FIDO Alliance.

Single Factor (Passwordless): Authenticator + touch/tap

Replaces weak passwords with a hardware authenticator for strong single factor authentication.

Multi-Factor (Passwordless): Authenticator + touch/tap + PIN

Multi-factor with combination of a hardware authenticator with user touch and a PIN, to solve high assurance requirements such as financial transactions, or submitting a prescription.

What are the benefits of going passwordless?

Log in with just a touch

The YubiKey leverages the power of the FIDO2 open authentication standard to enable strong passwordless (single factor) login.

Defend against account takeovers

No more passwords means remote attackers can’t phish user credentials, or use other modes of attack. Only the user with physical possession of the YubiKey can login.

Easy integration for Developers

Developers can easily integrate passwordless login flows to web and mobile apps and services.

Bridge to Passwordless: Best practices on the road to a secure passwordless future

Read the whitepaper.

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