YubiKey FIPS Series Replacement Portal

Yubico identified an issue affecting YubiKey FIPS devices with firmware versions prior to 4.4.5. Other Yubico products, including the YubiKey 5 Series, Security Key Series, YubiKey 4 Series, and YubiKey NEO are not affected.

The YubiKey FIPS Series are marked “FIPS” as shown on the image below for various form factors.

For more information regarding this issue, including how to check your YubiKey FIPS device firmware version, please see the Security Advisory.

Customers with affected YubiKey FIPS devices, can use this page to request a replacement.

If you placed the order through the Yubico.com store, enter the order ID and email address associated with the order in the form to the right. You will be issued with a promo code allowing you to order a replacement free of charge.

Please note: we require the specific email address that was used to order from the Yubico.com store. If you have multiple email addresses, please verify which address received the order confirmation before submitting a replacement request.

If you did not submit your order through Yubico.com, or do not have the order ID and the email address used to place the order(s), please contact your reseller, Yubico sales representative or contact Customer Support.


Security Advisory
To understand if you might be impacted, please refer to the Security Advisory containing technical details, impact, and FAQs.

Yubico partners should contact their Yubico sales representative directly or contact Sales for questions related to this Security Advisory.

Any media or press inquiries should be directed to press@yubico.com.