Yubico Launches YubiEnterprise Delivery to Streamline YubiKey Shipping and Fulfillment for Remote Workforces

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PALO ALTO, CA and STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – May 12, 2020 – Yubico, the leading provider of hardware authentication security keys, today announced the release of YubiEnterprise Delivery, a new cloud-based service that allows organizations to ship YubiKeys directly to employees, partners, and customers across the globe. YubiEnterprise Delivery provides enhanced shipping logistics capabilities and infrastructure to support Yubico’s mission of making strong authentication accessible to everyone, regardless of location.

In today’s environment, workforces have become highly distributed with many employees working remotely. This massive transition has not only introduced security complexities, but also difficulties in getting tools and services to remote workers.

YubiEnterprise Delivery is designed to provide IT teams with powerful capabilities to manage the delivery of YubiKey devices to remote employees, mitigating the complications of hardware distribution while helping to accelerate the adoption of strong multi-factor authentication (MFA). YubiKeys are built to deliver the best combination of security and usability, and have been proven to eliminate account takeovers and reduce helpdesk support calls by up to 92%.

At a time when organizations must ensure remote workers are receiving the necessary tools to maintain business operations without increased security risks, YubiEnterprise Delivery presents multiple benefits to organizations and their users:

  • Experience cost-effective, turnkey delivery with shipping and tracking of YubiKeys to users, all handled seamlessly by the experts at Yubico.
  • Access YubiEnterprise Delivery from anywhere through a web-based administrator console.
  • Integrate YubiEnterprise Delivery into existing IT flows and service catalogs using public APIs.
  • Request individual or bulk on-demand shipments through a CSV file, with real-time inventory level tracking.
  • View details on shipment costs and applicable taxes depending on the shipping region.

“The availability of YubiEnterprise Delivery is timely for many of our customers, and addresses the critical gaps that currently exist with securing remote workers,” said Guido Appenzeller, Chief Product Officer, Yubico. “With the ability to quickly distribute YubiKeys to employees no matter their location, it’s making phishing-resistant authentication a simple and affordable option at a time when companies need it most. Cyber attacks are skyrocketing, with no signs of slowing down, so this isn’t the time for enterprises to gamble with security by relying on less secure methods of authentication like SMS and other mobile-based MFA.”

It’s easy for an organization to get started with YubiEnterprise Delivery. Shipping credits can be added to any YubiKey purchase under both the perpetual and subscription license models. Shipping credits are prepaid shipping fees that the customer pays up-front, prior to any shipments.

Within the YubiEnterprise Services Console, account administrators can request individual or bulk YubiKey shipments to any number of destinations, with each shipment request individually tracked. Once shipments are made, YubiEnterprise Delivery will automatically deduct the appropriate shipping fees from the pre-paid credits and also reconcile the product taxes.

YubiEnterprise Delivery is initially available to customers in the US and Canada with shipments to individuals in more than 30 countries across the US, Canada, and Europe. For a limited time only, qualifying Yubico customers that purchase a 3-year YubiEnterprise Subscription with prepayment before June 26, 2020 will be eligible for free YubiEnterprise Delivery services within the US and Canada until September 30, 2020. Terms and conditions apply.

For additional details, including YubiEnterprise Delivery pricing information and promotional terms and conditions, visit yubico.com. To learn more about the business advantages of YubiEnterprise Services, view the on-demand webinar, YubiEnterprise Services: Hardware Authenticators as a Service.


About Yubico

Yubico sets new global standards for simple and secure access to computers, mobile devices, servers, and internet accounts.

The company’s core invention, the YubiKey, delivers strong hardware protection, with a simple touch, across any number of IT systems and online services. The YubiHSM, Yubico’s ultra-portable hardware security module, protects sensitive data stored in servers.

Yubico is a leading contributor to the FIDO2WebAuthn, and FIDO Universal 2nd Factor open authentication standards, and the company’s technology is deployed and loved by 9 of the top 10 internet brands and by millions of users in 160 countries.

Founded in 2007, Yubico is privately held, with offices in Sweden, UK, Germany, USA, Australia, and Singapore. For more information: www.yubico.com

Ashton Tupper

Director of Global Communications