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Yubico Sees 90 Percent Customer Growth and Geographically Expanded Adoption of Two-Factor Authentication in 2011

With multiple high profile security breaches in 2011, both enterprises and consumers needed to rethink their online identity protection defenses. As a reaction to these data breaches and associated compliance regulations, enterprises actively began to replace their legacy two-factor authentication tokens with Yubico’s easy, secure and cost efficient technology. Yubico achieved impressive customer growth of 90

YubiKey Supports Password Tote for Increased Identity Protection and Online Password Management

Password Tote is an online consumer password manager that assists in the storing of secure passwords. Password Tote eliminates the worry of losing or forgetting a login password for online services and all passwords are stored in one secure location. Security experts recommend two-factor authentication for logging onto password manager services to ensure that hackers do not get access

Yubico Offers a Simple and Secure Access Solution for Web Sites and Content Management Systems

The weakness of traditional usernames and passwords, and the demand for raised levels of security for websites and social networks continues to grow as hacker attacks around the world are increasing at an alarming rate. The perceived cost and complexity for adding more secure technologies to web sites and online services, has to date limited

Portugal’s Largest Internet Service Provider Implements YubiKey Two-Factor Authentication to Secure Online Users

Manufactured in Sweden, the YubiKey is a hardware authentication token that looks like a small USB memory stick.  The USB token simplifies the process of logging in with a One-Time Password (OTP) and can be used by organizations and end users that require secure access for IT applications, including e-mail, VPN, Windows login, disc encryption and Web single sign-on.

Department of Defense Contractors Replacing Legacy Two-Factor

Leveraging technology designed for all vertical industries, including energy, technology, and government, the YubiKey serves as the key part of two-factor authentication solutions for U.S. defense organizations searching for simple and secure access to networks and cloud applications. “Reinforcing our commitment to providing the most easy-to-use and dependable authentication products, Yubico technology, security processes and technical transparency

Yubico Delivers Simple and Secure Protection for Internet Passwords

Compromised identities and associated data loss continue to rise as hackers successfully expose weak usernames and passwords. This year, several large American businesses have reported major security breaches, including Sony, Sega and Citigroup, among others.  Last week, a major breach in Sweden, where more than 90,000 passwords that include Swedish journalists, politicians and private individuals,

Yubico Provides a Radically New Approach to Secure Remote Access

  With deployments across multiple verticals, including internet service providers, energy companies and U.S. Department of Defense contractors, YubiRADIUS delivers a remote access solution with strong two-factor authentication at the market’s lowest total cost of ownership. Easy to install and deploy, YubiRADIUS is enterprise-class VPN software that is seamlessly integrated with the company’s YubiKey, an innovative, compact USB

Yubico Delivers Secure Two-Factor Authentication for Gmail and Google Apps

Built into the Google account framework to supplement traditional password protection, Gmail and Google Apps users are able to authenticate their login with an additional layer of security using OATH TOTP.  The YubiKey simplifies the process of logging in with a one-time password token, as it does not require the user to re-type long passcodes from a

Yubico CEO Acknowledged for Business Achievements

In total, 39 nominations have been submitted in the three award categories, which indicates that this young award has established a widespread reputation in the Swedish-American business community. The winners will be determined by a jury consisting of high-profile business individuals, including Rikard Steiber, Global Ads Marketing Director at Google, and Jan Uddenfeldt, Chief Technology

YubiKey Survives Ten Weeks in a Washing Machine

The YubiKey is not only ultra-thin, crush safe and battery-free, it is waterproof as well. It has both survived diving 48 meters down in salt water and more than two months of laundry. “We found it in the door sealing of the washing machine” said the owner of the YubiKey. “After wiping it dry, it instantly