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Swedish Healthcare Uses YubiKey for Securing Access to Patient Data

Riks-Stroke, the national register center for acute stroke, is one of the largest quality registers in Sweden. All Swedish hospitals admitting acute stroke patients participate. With more than a quarter of a million stroke events recorded, Riks-Stroke plays a leading role in European collaboration of stroke registers. In October 2010, the Swedish Data Inspection Agency

YubiKey Authentication in Microsoft Cloud Platform Windows Azure

The Windows Azure platform is a massively scalable and cost-effective cloud platform that enables customers to build, host and dynamically scale applications and services through the Microsoft data centers around the world. Windows Azure based solutions can easily integrate with the YubiKey two-factor authentication service for increased security in a very cost-effective and flexible way.

Linux Full Disk Encryption Secured with YubiKey Challenge Response

The proof of concept for using the YubiKey to encrypt the entire hard drive on a Linux computer has been developed by Tollef Fog Heen, a long time YubiKey user and Debian package maintainer. “Implementing the challenge-response encryption was surprisingly easy by building on the open source tools from Yubico as well as the existing

YubiKey and Mi-Token Implemented at Trident Microsystems

Trident Microsystems, a leading provider of innovative semiconductor solutions for digital televisions and set-top boxes, has successfully deployed Mi-Token authentication with the YubiKey® USB device from Yubico in order to enable secure access to its systems from multiple and remote locations without adding more complexity for users. “A simple user name and password are no

YubiKey Integrates with Symantec VIP Authentication Service

The VIP Authentication Service is the leading cloud-based authentication service that enables enterprises to secure online access and transactions to help obtain compliance and reduce fraud risk.  A fully hosted strong authentication Security as a Service (SaaS) solution, VIP offers a cost-effective way to give legitimate users access to business resources, enterprise applications and online

YubiKey Successfully Deployed in Turkey Government

  The Turkey Customs and Social Agency has successfully deployed the Nordic Edge One Time Password Server with authentication tokens from Yubico, enabling easy and secure cloud single sign on for more than 10,000 staff members. Turkey is going through the process of introducing e-government solutions as a way to simplify, secure and streamline operations.

Yubico and DS3 Partner to Offer YubiKey Authentication

  “With its ease of use, the confirmation button for higher security and the ability to ship YubiKeys by mail in a standard envelope lowering the deployment costs significantly, the YubiKey is a great complement to our existing offering of authentication methods,” said Tan teik Guan, CEO of DS3. The YubiKey simplifies the process of

Yubico and Quest Software Partner to Offer YubiKey for Quest Defender

Quest offers IT management software across virtual, physical, and cloud environments. Quest Defender enhances security by enabling two-factor authentication to network, Web, and applications-based resources. Defender was designed to base all administration and identity management on an organization’s existing investment in Active Directory, and eliminates the costs and time involved in setting up and maintaining

WealthFront Single Sign-On Initiative Powered by Yubico and OneLogin

Wealthfront, the leading marketplace providing access to outstanding money managers, is using OneLogin’s single sign-on and identity management service and the innovative authentication key from Yubico. The convenient key generates a one-time-password used by Wealthfront employees to securely access the OneLogin Application Portal, protecting access to its Web applications, without compromising ease-of-use. “With OneLogin and